Prayer in the Land of Israel: A Direct Route

Prayers in the Land of Israel also have their own special value, in that they bring about unification in the Upper Worlds. So writes the Holy Shelah: 17

"In the early days of Israel, G-d strongly desired the prayers of Israel, and this is why the Patriarchs and Matriarchs were barren, in order that they would pray - but this occurred in the Holy Land, because it is there that Hashem wants the prayers!  This is because, as is clear to those who understand Kabbalah, prayer arouses and causes Unification of G-d's Name in the worlds above, and becomes an adornment – because the Land is that which Hashem cares for and is part of Him. But this does not apply outside the Land, in the lands of the foreign nations, which are under the dominion of ministers [and not G-d directly]; why would Hashem want their prayers to link up with above?  For this would mean allowing an outsider to [enter] - the external minister under whose dominion the outside-the-Land worshiper dwells."

The Shaarei Orah 18 writes on this as well:

"When Israel is outside the Land, they are under the purview of the ministers of the nations, and their prayers have no way of ascending, because the Heavenly gates exist only in the Land of Israel.  This is what Yaakov Avinu said: "How awesome is this place! It can be nothing but the House of G-d, and this is the Gate to Heaven!" 19 – implying that outside the Land, the ways to Heaven are blocked up. 

"Furthermore, those ministers of the nations do not help Israel at all, as is written in the book of Daniel, 20 "No one stand fast with Me... except for your guardian angel Micha'el." How much more so is this true for Samael, the ministering angel for Edom, who stands and constantly testifies about Israel's faults and tries to cause them to lose their merits.  And all those who criticize Israel in the lands of the Gentiles, they all stand between earth and sky as a wall blocking off Israel from its Father in Heaven; they are considered a blocking cloud, as is written, 21 "You have covered Yourself with a cloud so that prayer should not pass through."

These words emanating from the mouths of such holy men are the decisive answer to those who ask why the prayers of all those pious and righteous men [during the Holocaust] were not answered when that evil man rose up against them; on the contrary, many of those pious people were killed enwrapped in tallit and tefillin.  There are those who therefore ask: "This is their reward for observing the Torah?!" 

But those who understand the above teachings of the Shlah and the Shaarei Orah, all of whose holy words correspond with the Wisdom of Truth, comprehend that this occurred because of the sin of dwelling outside the Land, against G-d's will.  As the Zimrat HaAretz writes: "Torah and good deeds that are practiced outside the Land are stolen and abused by the impure ministers."

This is why the pious men were not answered in their tribulations - and were certainly unable to bring about holy unification. This point was stipulated clearly by the AriZal, of holy blessed memory, as follows:

"The Upper Unification was not yet actually accomplished until Avraham went to the Land of Israel; he brought about the Upper Unification when G-d told him, Lech Lecha, Go ye out of your land."

The AriZal also wrote there, "While Avraham was outside the Land, the Upper Unification of ze'ir d'nukba 23 was not done, as written above, and therefore the impure shell adhered to the holiness and drew from it... But when Avraham went to the Land of Israel, which awakened the Upper Unification of ze'ir d'nukba called the Land of Israel, this depleted the abundance of the impure shell and the kings mentioned [in this Parashah], and that is why they fought one another." (See there at length.)

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