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Who We Are

KUMAH, which is Hebrew for ARISE, is an organization dedicated to encouraging and facilitating mass Aliyah to Israel by all Jews of the exile. Kumah believes that the time is ripe for Neo-Zionism, a Biblical dream being realized today. Through an array of projects, Kumah seeks to invigorate the Jews of the Diaspora with a new vision of Israel and innovative plans for Aliyah. We at Kumah believe that the Godly destiny of the Jewish people is waiting to be fulfilled in Israel right now!

Current Projects


Our web site features lots of information and inspiration for the oleh and future oleh alike. Our blog, the center of our site, is updated daily with stories, pictures, personal experiences, and more from six of Kumah's core founders. Our site also features Eshel, the online journal of neo-Zionist though.

Kumah Arise Clubs

Kumah enthusiasm is spreading! Enthusiastic Zionists around the world have been starting Arise Clubs in their communities and on campus. These clubs help facilitate and encourage Aliyah at a grassroots level.

Kumah Yisrael

Kumah olim have established a significant presence all around Israel. Kumah members living in Israel are rising to the challenge of "Keep Making Aliyah". With Kumah Kleanups, Tours, Shabbatonim and Concerts, our olim are working to pull American Jews to Israel by making Israel a great place to be. Please check the blog often for stunning pictures, stories and events going on in our homeland! The Aliyah Revolution is happening now!

Kumah Kummunique

Kumah's Weekly Newsletter features in-depth articles, opinion pieces and tips sure to fuel your feelings for Israel.

If you are interested in joining us - get in touch!

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