About Kumah and Neo-Zionism

We are living in a time in which Zionist values are being challenged at every turn – from the pro-Palestine barrage on American campuses to the anti-JNF decision of Israel's Supreme Court, from the post-Zionism of Avram Burg to the end-Zionism call of Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinajad. On top of the daily security threats, Zionism is under attack in the media, in the world's courts, in UN decisions, in the streets of Europe, and in the halls of America's State Department. One need not be a prophet to see that the direction in which the world is pushing will bring Israel to the brink.

We must fight back, strengthen Israel, and influence. Our first job is to defend Israel and Zionism, but this duty to ward off foes is not particularly inspiring. In truth, we are passionate about the State of Israel, not only in a defensive capacity, but as a facilitator of the Jewish dream and the world's destiny. We view Israel as a source of great inspiration, a source of majesty, spirituality, and justice – a light unto the nations.

There are so many positive markers about Israel which people seem disinclined to talk about: Jerusalem is being built ceaselessly, Israel's Jewish population has doubled in the last 30 years, the Jewish imagination has flourished in Israel in the fields of high-tech, farming, military, medicine, Torah and more. With all of the challenges that we face, we continue to thrive. Moreover, we continue to attract tourists looking for authenticity and immigrants looking for a better life, be it economic or spiritual. Seeing Israel positively and thinking about Israel positively are much needed, and little found.

KUMAH, which is Hebrew for ARISE, is a movement passionate about Aliyah (ascent). There are different Aliyahs for different people: for Jews of the Exile, Aliyah means heeding the call for mass immigration to Israel, the Jewish people's homeland. Aliyah for Jews already in Israel means elevating the spirit of the Jewish nation and rectifying the vessel that is the State of Israel. Aliyah for the peoples of the world means throwing off false-deities and defunct ideologies in favor of a spiritual renaissance with Jerusalem at its center.

We call this movement Neo-Zionism, a Biblical dream being realized today. Through an array of projects, Kumah seeks to invigorate the world with positivity and a sense of connectedness based on authentic Jewish values. We at Kumah believe in taking an active role in shaping and hastening our destiny!

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