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BILU is Back!

In 1882, a group of Russian university students started a new Jewish organization. The group was called BILU, and acronym based on a verse from Isaiah (2:5), "Beit Yaakov Lechu V'nelcha" (Children of Yaakov, get up and go). Like Kumah, BILU's founders believed that the time had come for Jews not only to live in Israel, but to make their living there as well.

The Bilu'im were influenced by Marx as well as the Torah, and hoped to establish farming cooperatives in Palestine. The members of BILU endured hard times and made sacrifices; not all of them made it. That was 120 years ago. Today, Israel is an established country and living there is a lot easier than it was for the BILU heroes. Today's young North American Jews may not care as much for Marx and for farming, but they still believe in Aliyah - the modern-day dream of living in our ancient Land.

Today, our job is to foster Aliyah by creating groups that herald the message of Aliyah and will organize themselves to make Aliyah a reality. You will be amazed by just how much interest there is for Aliyah on your college campus or in your community. Be a proactive neo-Zionist and start your own Arise Club today.

Please contact us at arise at kumah dot org for assistance.

How to start an Arise Club

Kumah would like to help you get an aliyah club started in your school or community. We'd like to borrow an idea from the immigrant party in Israel, Yisrael B'Aliyah, and call our local clubs YourSchool B'Aliyah, or YourTown B'Aliyah. We think it makes personalizes the issue for people.

Kumah is working on making packets of information for anyone interested in starting such a club. If you would like more information, please email us at arise at kumah dot org. We will also help you print up buttons and stickers with the B'Aliyah slogan, to help spread your message.

So, what would this club do? There are probably many people in your community who are at various stages of aliyah, from thinking about it to packing their lifts. Why not get together occasionally to share experiences, get advice, and build a network of friends that will remain long after you have settled into your new homes in Israel? The existence of such a club will also be an inspiration to those who are not yet planning their aliyah, just to know that it is in fact a very practical decision.

If you are starting an Arise Club, please let us know. We will put up contact information here so that people can get involved.

Arise Club Contact Information

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Baltimore Chug Aliyah,Rivkah Lambert Adler <rivkah30@yahoo.com>