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Help spread Kumah's message on your campus and in your community! This page contains Kumah articles and posters that will help explain the Kumah aliyah movement and spread energy and excitement about aliyah. All the files are in PDF format. If you can't read these files, you can download the free PDF reader here.


Neo-Zionism - Kumah's Philosophy

From Strength to Strength

Rallying Cry


Kumah Flyer - Israel Day Parade, General Assembly

Handouts - Multiple small handouts per page

Thank you and Shalom. We have to go home now. (6 postcards)

Herzl Handouts - Israel needs you! (4 cards)

Israel Ideas (6 different cards)


Israel doesn't need your sympathy. Israel needs you.

This land is our land.

Thank you and Shalom. We have to go home now.

If you build it, they will come.

Israel: The Spiritual Superpower

Zionism is Aliya

Coming soon: Temple 3.0

Know Israel in the "Biblical" Sense!

Kumah Cactus: Come to Israel and help me settle the Negev.

Are you too good for your home?


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