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Sunday, November 02, 2003


I didn't get the chance to finish that last one - oh well. I'm too tired to do it now. After much effort (!) we've finally packed up our house - I'll give you more details when that tiredness I mentioned is long gone - and are just hours away from the airplane which will bring us home to Israel. Unbelievable. With the proper time and energy to reflect, I'm sure I'd be battling waves of nostalgia, terror, excitement, worry, gratitude... as it is, I'm praying for a comfortable seat on the plane to sleep. I don't feel overwhelmed, I just feel unable to interrupt the momentum of this whole thing with too much emotion or intellectualism. I'm happy and eagerly anticipating the future, especially the moment when I can survey a home, whatever and wherever that will be, that is neatly arrayed and ready for me to leap into bed!


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