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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama Roasts Emanuel in 2005 + Abunimah Worried

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama - the Jewish and Kikish Views

Melanie Phillips brings a Jewish angle on Obama:

Barack Obama appears to sit on a nexus between Marxist revolutionary activists, unrepentant former terrorists, Black Power racists, Chicago mobsters – oh, and a Saudi who is trying to buy up America. If you were to turn up at US immigration control with a background of such associates, it’s a fair bet they wouldn’t let you off the air-bridge. Yet this man may well become President of the US!

This guy brings the Kikish angle:

I offered my young American friend an election scenario, in which the Jews overwhelmingly vote for McCain, and Obama is defeated by losing both Florida and New York. “It’s simple,” he said, “Many will blame this catastrophe on the Jews. Why? Because the Jews were the single most powerful voice against Obama.” “That is untrue,” I told him, “This is pure anti-Semitism.” “True,” said the bright young man, “but if they repeat it enough it will become the truth.” I believe that if Obama loses the election it will be because America is not ready to put its destiny in the hands of an inexperienced young man, whose challenge against the establishment frightened more potential voters than attracted them. I do not believe for a second that Jews in America will have any direct hand in his downfall. There is no Jewish conspiracy, no invisible hand pulling invisible strings, and no organized ethnic support against his candidacy. However, I do believe that the election of the next president might be a negative turning point for Jews in America.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Is This Cool or is This Cool?

To vote "cool" please say "cool" in the comments.

To vote "cool" please do the same thing but say "cool".

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leave Olmert Alone

The Israeli right has achieved very little in the 14 years that have passed since the Oslo disaster. Therefore, its ideologues and motivators must comport themselves with a little more modesty, and a lot more originality, than they currently seem to. Yet the opinion columns and the conference podium microphones all seem to be broadcasting the same tired old messages to us: don't give up this or that territory, don't give up this or that principle, let the IDF win, take back Gaza, bomb it from the air, don't give them guns, give them homes, free the girls, Olmert is a traitor.

As a consumer of messages, I find this fare dull and unsatisfying. And after 14 years of this menu, I would like something new please, waiter.

Here is what I find myself thinking lately: of course Olmert has no right to discuss giving up Jerusalem. Of course Israel is losing its last shreds of self-respect and deterrence in the way it is dealing with the Gazan bombardment of Sderot. Of course throwing money at Abbas and his "moderate" murderers is no solution to anything.

But maybe there is a reason for this loss of direction, and maybe just saying the current leaders have lost touch with Judaism and are an "erev rav" does them a certain degree of injustice.

Let's say we bomb Gaza into oblivion (a move I support, by the way. It is certainly better than sending our boys in there to get killed by the barbarian hordes). What then? Well, here is what happens then: the US administration disowns us, in a series of speeches by the President in which Israel is branded "a state overcome by fanaticism" and its government a "rogue leadership." The UN adopts a series of resolutions condemning Israel's genocide and the Hague court demands Israel extradite war criminals Olmert, Barak and Ashkenazi, for starters. No Israeli officer can expect to step on British, French, Russian or American soil any more, or anywhere else for that matter, without being arrested immediately. NATO begins training for bombing Tel Aviv. Iran develops and tests its bomb unimpeded.

What will Israel do then? Oh, I know – we will publish dozens and dozens of opinion columns in which our finest minds say "they are an erev rav!"… and at the same time, our hilltop youth will build another ramshackle hut somewhere and declare victory, even as the boots of the Border Guards are climbing the hill to tear everything back down.


Now that everyone hates me, let me say this: I have the greatest respect for our heroes and heroines. I admit that do not have in me an ounce of the courage they seem to pack in tons in each of their Jewish hearts. I am no good at facing the police, I am no good at climbing the mountains, I do not have in me one percent of the bravery of the little girls who refused to identify themselves in court, not to mention the bravery of those who face the enemy every day as they drive about the roads of our beloved heartland, laughing in the face of the monsters of Ramallah, Shechem, Kalkilya, Jenin and Hevron. I was not even a very tough soldier in my army days (although I do have a green tank driver's license somewhere in my files).

Really, I have nothing in me that can compare to these people's courage and spirit.

But practically speaking (governments are, first and foremost, in charge of practical solutions) what do we want from the government? Think about it: a Yitzchak Shamir is not enough here. It is not enough to be able to stand fast and give up nothing. We can stand fast and give up nothing, but the Kassams will keep humiliating us. And the only way we can stop them is by creating mass carnage on the Arab side. Targeting the Hamas leadership won't do the job. They will just go underground. Besides, they grow heads back faster than skinks grow back tails, and the new ones are always just as ugly as the previous ones. I will say it again: practically speaking, only by creating mass carnage on the other side can we stop the Kassams for good.

Benny Elon's plan for voluntary Arab evacuation and compensation is nice for parlor talk. Hamas will only understand a "plan" like the one wreaked upon the Arabs by the combined forces of Haganah, Palmach, Etzel and Lechi in 1948. We all know this in our heart of hearts. So do we do to Gaza – and possibly Hevron, Ramallah and Shechem, what we did to Tzfat and Lod three score years ago? Yes or no?


This is the stage at which people say – "okay, smart-aleck, we get what you are saying. But what do YOU suggest?".

I will not fall into that trap. Not just yet. Let's see how this article goes down before we proceed to Stage Two. What do you think about this, dear readers? Practically speaking, how does Israel deal with the aftermath of a Gaza operation that costs thousands of Arab lives, half of them women and children? Please use the talkback function to express yourselves.

Speak, and spell out a long term practical policy, please – or leave Olmert (or "mert", or "Olmerde," as he is affectionately known in these parts) alone, because you don't have a better idea of what to do than he does.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Message to HappyJoel - When You Make Aliyah You Will Sing a Different Tune

I saw half of your video (see warning below), man, and I hope you are having fun blowing smoke up the Christian folks', ummm, toes.

Maybe I should have seen the light side of it, but to me it looked like you just want to get on the good side of the folks in power at the expense of your home team. Which is really the essence of being a galut Jew.

Notice: contains obscenities. And like I said, I only watched half, so be careful.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Pink and Red Flag

The pink and red flags are both Jewish to a large extent (I guarantee you a large proportion of the activists you see in the above clip from a demo in Washington, DC last weekend are Jewish). They are also representative of a sick, sick ideology, that served us well when we were stateless, but are only harmful to us as Jewish redemption approaches.

If fascism is dictatorship by the strong, marxism is dictatorship by the weak. We want leadership of the strong - the Jewish nation. It is not fascism but it sure as heck isn't marxism either.

I believe redemption will come when these red/pink Jewish flags are furled (is that a word?) and the Israeli flag is waved high. Or maybe we should have a new flag, with the colors of the parochet that hung at the Temple, which actually combined two shades of red, white and blue -

"Tchelet veargaman vetolaat shani veshesh mishzar."


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Media Analysis for Rosh Hashana

Mama said knock you out!

Class, let us look at this piece in Ynet B'Ivrit, shall we?

The headline says - Soldier's Mother: "I'm Calm, the Kid Isn't Going Back to Zikim"

You see, this item and the talkbacks to it actually encapsulate much of Israel's pacifist problem, and its solution.

As we learned in the first semester of this course, the Left in Israel has been using a Cindy Sheehan "Mother" type approach very successfuly over the past 20 years. The discourse is 50% radical post-marxist feminism, 50% Yiddishe-mameh castrative.

The article's heading and the use of of the word "child/children" with regard to the soldiers doing basic training in Zikim are classic Yiddishe-feminist-pacifist defeatism. The Middle East's toughest army, the IDF, is not being bombed by terrorist scum, the subtext says. Jewish children are being bombed and their mothers/parents will save them by evacuating them from Zikim. There is no masculine army defending us, it says. There are only children who long for their mothers' comforting hug.

Sub-subtext: WE ARE DOOMED.

As of 8:15 Wednesday, the item is top story in Ynet. The lowdown on the attack on Syria is (pardon me) lower down, despite being much more significant militarily and more recent. Taking it a step further - the headline actually tries to answer the criticism that the editor (probably one of the feminist-pacifists who abound behind the scenes in Ynet) knows is coming: no, the mother says, I'm not being hysterical. "I'm calm." But my child is staying home, i.e. refusing to serve. Because the big bad men of Gaza shot a rocket at him.

Those of us old and wise enough to know how this kind of discourse took over our lives during Shelly Yechimovich's years in Voice of Israel, and how it featured in the "Four Mothers" campaign, and how IDF bases have been taken over by mothers (and fathers) with the help of Yechimovich sidekick Carmela Menashe, and how sick and weak this made the army - know what the danger is.

What I am happy about is the talkbacks. If you want to enjoy them, you'd better learn you some Ivrit.

Shana Tova - this bodes well.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pre-Kingdom Blues

Well I'm sittin' here waiting

In the Leftist State

Sittin here waiting

in this Leftist state

My brain's been washed and I can't recall the date.

So who's the enemy?

Why should I even fight?

Why be violent?

What gives me the right?

Watch Zehava and Ahmed go off into the night.

I got the Pre Kingdom

The Pre-Kingdom Blues

I got the Pre-Kingdom

Pre-Kingdom Blues

Hope I'm still here when the Big King rule the Jews.

Well they're raping and a pillaging

but we are in a dream

Yeah they're raping our daughters

and we're all in a dream

Do we ever wake up or will we all get creamed?

I'm sittin on a tree stump

in the Judean Hills

Feeling like a stupid chump

As the enemy kills

Boy I'm ready but Messiah still ain't here.

I got the Pre Kingdom

The Pre-Kingdom Blues

I got the Pre-Kingdom

Pre-Kingdom Blues

Hope I'm still here when the Big King rule the Jews.

I got the Pre Kingdom

The Pre-Kingdom Blues

I got the Pre-Kingdom

Pre-Kingdom Blues

Hope I'm still here when everybody gets their dues.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Imagine... (a post for Kumah's neo-Marxist readers)

Atomised domestic life is part of the misery of capitalism

ATTENTION: if you are not a neo-Marxist, this post is NOT for you. Move on, nothing to see here.


Imagine, fellow travelers, a world in which our Great Leaders, Dr. Karl Marx and Vladimir Ilych Lenin are triumphant!

Imagine that we are able to use our powers of subversion, honed so perfectly when we attempted to turn the USA Communist, on a new demographic. Not workers, but women. Comrade Engels lay the foundations for this great venture 120 years ago, in "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State". Lenin would later describe it as "one of the fundamental works of modern socialism."

Comrade Sally Campbell explains:

Under primitive communism there was a division of labour between men and women, but this did not confer privilege to men. Women, who tended to be the main gatherers, were often given authority over men - because their work provided the main source of nutrition for the group.

The development of more advanced agriculture was the turning point. The invention of the plough meant the ability to produce more than was immediately needed by the group. It led to the development of elites who were able to control the 'surplus'. It also fundamentally changed the role of women in society.

In hunter-gatherer and horticultural societies women were able to fulfil their role as producers as well as playing their role in reproduction. Heavy ploughing and the use of domesticated animals changed this. A pregnant woman or one with small children couldn't easily carry out these tasks and they increasingly fell under the remit of men. Agriculture also demanded labourers. Where hunter-gatherer societies had tended to limit the number of children so as not to deplete resources, agriculture could be more productive with more children needed to help in the fields. So as men became exclusively responsible for production, women saw their primary role shift to that of child-bearer.

Greater productivity benefited every member of the group. But once the surplus fell into the control of a minority, inequalities and classes began to form. The division into 'public' and 'private' spheres of society appeared - with women operating mainly in the “private” sphere. The private family became the mechanism by which private wealth could be passed on from one generation to the next. This entailed a final degradation of women's influence. Men, because of their economic role, became heads of the household, passing their wealth on to their sons.

As Engels wrote: 'The overthrow of mother right was the world historic defeat of the female sex. The man took command in the home also. The woman was degraded and reduced to servitude.'

from The Socialist Worker Online

Now, imagine that we are able to successfully employ this mass ideology to take over the Western world. We can finally realize our dreams of domination! What was denied to our Red Communist fathers and mothers by Senator McCarthy and his ilk, we will achieve fourfold through the Pink Sisterhood.

The way to operate is this:

- infiltrate the academy and propaganda machinery ("media")
- rewrite the history of mankind as a history of subjugation of Woman by Man and present the nuclear family as a tool of oppression
- reach every single woman out there and build up a rage against "the Patriarchy" (we can use the same terms as we did in the original movement, just substitute "chauvinist pig" for "capitalist pig")
- by thus manipulating women, infiltrate the power structures (army, police, judiciary) and the political system
- wreak havoc on every possible level: create a pro-divorce cultural discourse; give financial incentives for women to break up their families; use empty phrases regarding "equality" to demoralize the army's fighting units; make brutal use of media-created sex scandals to terrorize and tame the State's and the military's leadership, humiliate the State internally and externally and bring down the symbols of power; cooperate with the enemy to the maximum degree, creating a protective shield around its agents while viciously prosecuting the State's police and military when it attempts to assert itself.

This will have a devastating effect on the entire West, and nowehere will it be more potent than Israel.

The Jews dream of rebuilding the Temple? Dream on, Yids! In a matter of one generation or two we can bring the House down. Their ideological leadership is not savvy enough to even begin to comprehend what we are doing. We even have many of their finest women on our side, convinced that they are operating in the service of justice, freedom and equality. The men are afraid that opposing us is a sign of "chauvinism" (we've implanted that guilt trip well inside everyone's minds) and are convinced that Judaism's "patriarchal" nature makes it inherently unjust. They will never dare mess with us: they will forever be cursing Shimon Peres and Yitzchak Rabin and Ariel Sharon, weaving their pathetic conspiracy theories but remaining blind to what is happening under their noses, grabbing this hilltop or another, espousing their pet causes (Temple, Aliyah, Pollard), expending all of their energies on their naive love for legends, while we bring their whole House down and eventually finish them off, every last one of them, with a shot to the head.


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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To Lead is to Love

Harav Kook was no kook. He said that just as the Temple was torn down because of sin'at chinam - pointless hatred between brothers - so it shall be rebuilt thanks to ahavat chinam - brotherly love for love's sake.

Now that may sound like one of those meaningless syllogisms Shimon Peres loves to make up ("better a peaceful valley without terror than a terrorist pissing in the valley", that kind of tripe) but Harav Kook was no Shimon Peres. He meant what he said.

There is a certain stream among the religious Zionists that thinks Harav was kidding. People from this stream look for Jews to hate and make a vocation out of hating them. This is the erev rav, they say, this is the leftist scum that controls Israel. We are good, they are bad, they say. They feel good like that. They vilify the government and the army and most of Israeli society, and are content to be the "pure camp" in all of this filth.

This is a dangerous trend, imho. I agree that the Zionist dati camp is the best camp in Israel, if only in terms of its sane lifestyle and its strong family and community values. I envy you, to the point of wanting to join you. But by living inside this worldview I just outlined as many of you (us) do, you are missing the chance to lead. And make no mistake - the window of opportunity for an emuni leadership is there, it has begun to open up and it will open up more and more in the coming years, beckoning us to leap through it. But do we dare? Leading involves loving. You cannot lead someone you despise. You cannot lead someone whom you see as inferior to you.

The majority of Israelis are what Naomi Shemer called anashim tovim be'emtza haderech - "good people in the middle of the road." This includes much of what we call "the elites." Please, stop looking at "the elites" as a cohesive body, they are anything but that. Look for the cracks, look for the blocs we can woo to our side.

Israeli society was formed by secular socialist Zionists, with the emphasis on "Zionists." Its core values could be summed up in two words: "build" and "fight!". It was the country where, for the first time in millennia, Jews built a Jewish infrastructure for a Jewish land and fought like men to defend it.

Over time, socialism withered and died. Into the ideological vacuum stepped a very radical leftist ideology, a form of pacifistic gender-marxism which was the opposite of what Zionism was all about. The result has been a period of shameful behavior by Israel, an abandonment of its manly core values for belief in withdrawals and surrenders, which was coupled with a hedonistic obsession for sexual license and scandal and gossip-mongering, as it often has been in history.

I believe we are coming out of that dark period now. There are signs all around us that this is happening. The media is full of articles blasting pacifistic draft dodgers like Aviv Geffen and Ivri Lider - people who have been this society's pop icons. Heroism is being talked about more and more. This is oxygen for the Zionist soul. Without deep love and respect for our military, we are dead men and women, and our children, G-d forbid, are dead.

The heart of the people is good. Jews who fight for their homeland are good. We can work with them. And we don't necessarily have to follow them. We can lead them, too.

Everyone knows the Redemption involves (a) a great leadership and (b) the Temple being rebuilt and (c) military victories and (d) everyone making tshuva. But what order do these things occur in? I think it's a, c, b, d (though I'm not convinced everyone will ever make tshuva - there are some advantages to having a non-religious minority to keep everyone on their toes. Also, they can make good rock'n'roll...).

I think the first thing the leadership should lead to is military victory. As a result of military victory, it will be possible to rebuild the Temple. The Temple cannot be rebuilt when Israel is only fully sovereign and in demographic control of the land to the west of it!

Our enemy is the Muslim-Arab bloc in the Middle East. It is not necessarily all of Islam (see third graf here). If and when we defeat the enemy - which has reached the point of begging us to defeat it, if you think about it - then we can go about rebuilding the Temple. Tshuva will come naturally in that situation, but not just secular-to-religious tshuva, also hareidi-to-Zionist tshuva. When emuni Zionism is a winning brand, people will join it. We will see thousands of those pale Me'a Shearim types joining the Paratroopers, believe me we will. But right now, with a tiny measly state in the middle of a frothing sea of (frothing) Muslims, it's not so clear that we are winners.

To make all of this happen, we need to lead. And like I said, leading involves loving and respecting, not separation and despisal. We need to look for the good things in the mainstream Israelis, the "good people in the middle of the road." We need to see them as part of our camp, and ourselves as part of their camp. We need to come up with pragmatic plans and with down-to-earth reasons why these plans should be followed. "Because Hashem said so" does not fall into that category for these people. So it cannot be used. Modern techniques of PR need to be used. A Knesset lobby needs to be created. And it can't all be about Yesha. Saying Yesha over and over again does not solve anything. I'm sorry to say so, but climbing and reclimbing hills in Yesha - while important in and of itself - does not cut it anymore either. Are we goats or leaders? Do we have geopolitical vision or are we just self-content parakeets?

Harav Kook, so I once read, had a picture of Herzl on the wall in his office. We need to reach a point where a new Herzl has a picture of Harav Kook on his office. Then we will be on the road to making it, big time.


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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Family Values - Not Just an American Issue

MK Rabbi Chaim Amsellem

Mazal tov! A new subcommittee has been formed in the Knesset: the Subcommittee for the Examination of Claims of Legal Severity Against Men in the Areas of Welfare and Family. The subcommittee is expected to change its name to the Subcommittee for the Family.

It is headed by MK Rabbi Chaim Amsellem of Shas, and its members include MKs Rabbi Avraham Ravitz (UTJ), Moshe Cachlon (Likud), Marina Solodkin (Kadima) and Nadia Hilou (Labor).

If you look very carefully at the names of the people present in the July 4th session of the Knesset's Labor, Welfare, and Health Committee, in which Committee Chairman Moshe Sharoni announced the formation of the subcommittee, you may see some familiar ones.

Why is this subcommittee important?

It is important because family is the basic building block of society, and of Jewish society in particular. And it is precisely this basic cell of our national tissue that has come under violent attack by marxist-based ideologies in the past 30-40 years. These ideologies pose as chivalrous defenders of the rights of women, just as their predecessors, the socialist and communist movements, posed as defenders of workers' rights. But the leaders of these movements care about women just as much as Stalin cared about Russian peasants.

The subcommittee will try to understand why the divorce rate among secular Israelis has reached 50%, and whether this truly is a necessary evil of modern times. It will examine whether government policies are designed to encourage divorce. It will find out who profits from the divorce industry and try to understand the logic behind a plethora of laws and regulations, written and unwritten, which have taken away basic rights - such as the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, the right to love and raise your children and the right to be loved and raised by both parents, the right to live in your home, the right to freedom, the right to live free of unjustified financial persecution - from countless men, women and children of both sexes in our generation.

If anyone has a good idea as to how to convince dati-leumi leaders that this is an important issue, please let me hear it.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Why the World Needs Jewish Princes

Click on pic for a seriously funny story

Europe. Think about it. All that wealth. All those castles and villas and fine cars and where does it all go? Into a culture of empty hedonism and post-colonial guilt. And the USA is just a more hardworking version of that.

The world needs Jewish princes. We need some Lord Shmuliks, some Count Kobis, some Lady Yaelis. I'm telling you, we need a decent-sized piece of real estate with some holes in the ground that ooze oil, and the world will be transformed. The location (location, location) we already have. But size matters too, what can you do. What we now call Israel is in truth just the northwestern province of our promised country.

Our princes won't galivant around the globe posing for pictures with hungry African kids. Our princes will be serious workers for Hashem, doing what needs to be done, taking care of business, in much the same way that the British colonial administrators of Victorian times, culled from the cream of the Oxford and Cambridge crop, took care of matters of empire. Only better, of course. And with less pomp and circumstance. One by one we will take down the dictators. The slaveholders. The drug lords.

We will come up with a system of mass transportation that does not involve .01% of the population dying in accidents every year and implement it worldwide. We will advise countries on the best system of governance for their nation. We will mediate between nations from a position of strength. We will hold interventions on an international level. We will lead by example. We will make good music. We will inject the world with Jewish energy and simchat chaim.

Mind you, when I say "princes" I don't necessarily mean the hereditary type. I just mean, think of a world in which Israel possesses true physical strength and wealth, on par with today's Germany and Japan, or maybe even the two combined. PLUS our other advantages: our brainpower, our creativity, our vitality, etc.. THAT - combined with a moral and just leadership - is a world nearing tikkun.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Melting Pot Calling the Kettle "Kike"

So I'm wondering - what do our contributors / readers make of this?

The Jewish Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Are some of the points he is making valid?

Is it not getting less and less easy to be both Jewish and American?

Isn't there a lot of similarity between the role of Jews in the US and the role of the Left in Israel, and doesn't it actually make sense that a country created, by and large, by a movement of Diaspora Jews would, in its initial incarnation, be overwhelmingly leftist? Does it not therefore make sense that nationalistic, belief-suffused American Jewish intellectuals could be a key group in shifting the nation onto the Right tracks?

Food for thought on a fast day.

PS: Caroline Glick says the Jewish Agency is out to take down Nefesh B'Nefesh. Apparently someone doesn't want religious olim.


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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eretz Yisrael - Where the Wild Things Are

Those of you making aliyah need to know something: Israel is not like any other place in the world, and not necessarily in a good sense.

It is the home of the Jewish people, and it is the home of the soul of the Jewish people. It where the Jewish people has reassembled after 77 generations of wandering the globe, after centuries of wearing peaked caps and yellow garb and having to walk in the gutter when a gentile walks by... of having a nickel rolled by them to see if they'll turn around, of being used by princes for controlling the rabble and being murdered - along with the princes - by the rabble when it revolted.

Some communities were small, some big, but any diaspora community is an incomplete unit, a lone cell or group of cells, not an organ, certainly not a complete body. Jews got used to being self-contained: for 1,800 or 1,900 years they had no king, no president, no one from their own community whom they had to defer to on temporal matters, except for the rabbi. Yes, they had to defer to the state, but that state was gentile, and any respect they had for it was always mixed with contempt.

Their habits, their traditions, their cultures, their identities, their ways of thinking, their music, their clothes, even the color of their skins changed over the generations, with each community going its separate way. You see this in our synagogues, where olive skinned, dark eyed Yemenites pray alongside pink-skinned, blond Ashkenazim, where the sons of Moroccan Jews wear dark European suits and the sons of German Jews wear oriental style needlework skullcaps.

A large part of the nation rebelled against the rabinnical authority and went its own separate way, discarding their parents' religion in favor of a new religion, invented by a Jew named Karl Marx. These Jews became the prophets of modern Leftism, whether in its pure Marxist-Leninist form or in the watered down version called socialism. It was davka this group that had the gumption, the daring, the political/organizational skills and the revolutionary spirit needed for a return to Eretz Yisrael and the refashioning of the fighting, farming Jew.

All of these streams came together against the backdrop of the worst instance of state-sponsored sadistic mass slaughter ever, the Holocaust. It was as if the remnant of the Jews had escaped Europe just before the door came down, Indiana Jones style, leaving all those who were not nimble enough to die agonizingly in the snake pit. And they, too, the remnant, were thrust directly into a bloody, never ending war with the savage Saracens of the East.

So the result is not just a melting pot. It is a somewhat crazy place, where streams that diverged hundreds, sometimes thousands of years ago meet again, mix again, collide and clash until one is found to be stronger and the other takes a back seat, or until they mix and are no longer distinguishable. Leftism is clashing with Judaism. Middle Eastern ways are clashing with European manners. Classical symphonies with the crying, rhythmic chords of Arab music. Some Ethiopian Jews strut about in dreadlocks while others sport peyos.

People have to get used to obeying a common Jewish authority. They have to get used to having a temporal leader who is a Jew just like them. We can't all be our own prime ministers any more! We can't just get up and move to the next shtetl when the goyim get restless. We have to get used to having power - this is more difficult than one may think! We also have to get used to not blaming ourselves for everything, and not being able to "play the Jew" when things get rough. No amount of walking in the sewer will make the Arabs let go of their hatred for us!

Relations between men and women have to be refashioned. The Diaspora created a Woddy Allenish nebbish-Jew. Eretz Yisrael calls for a new type of Jewish man, and as a corollary, a new woman. But this is more easily said than done. The socialist farmer-fighters did well for a couple of generations, but they are rapidly becoming extinct. That generation turns out to be a problematic one, and it has left us with leaders who are fat, corrupt, and soul-less, or weaselly, fake-smiled, pseudocultured bureaucrats. Reinventing ourselves is painful, but necessary - again.

The world's attention is on us. People from Irkusk to Argentina, from Namibia to Nepal, know the names of our political parties and are familiar with the layouts and histories of tiny communities on both sides of our disputed "Green Line". They either worship our ancestors or blame us for the great upheavals the world is undergoing, or both. People here believe in God to the degree that they will go unarmed to pray at a tzaddik's grave in a city crawling with terrorist snakes, or they will hate those same unarmed praying Jews with a burning heart and see them as the source of all suffering and pestilence.

If you come out here, that is where you are coming to. If the world is but a stage, we are center stage, the lights are on us, the top critics are all there in the front row, all the channels are feeding the picture live, and we have to give a great biblical show that we haven't properly rehearsed for several thousand years, or have done nothing but rehearse for several thousand years. If you come here, know that you are entering the cauldron, that you are becoming an actor in the greatest drama of all. It won't be easy. You will find yourself screaming, crying, cursing and asking yourself what possessed you to join this insane asylum... and at the same time you will know - this is mine, it is my place, my language, my earth I am treading upon, for good, for bad, for ever.


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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anti-Semitism as Aliyah Tool?

The rest of the UK Channel 4 program on the rise of anti-Semitism Britain can be viewed here.

I always ask myself if in the end, anti-Semitism isn't the best pro-Aliyah tool out there. It's what brought the FSU's Jews here if I am not mistaken, and it certainly must be creating fertile ground for Kumah-type activities in Britain.

Of course, some Jews flee to Florida.


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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

US aircraft carrier Enterprise headed out to the Persian Gulf Tuesday where it was set join the fleet currently located next to Iran.

Be'ezrat Hashem this will work out. Otherwise, Tel Aviv may be in for missiles again. Even then, let's hope things will work out.

One thing I've noticed about the Middle East: for good and bad, the things that everyone expects to happen rarely happen.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Israel is Not Israel

1906, Zionist Congress. Pic is clickable.

When you think about making aliyah, bear in mind that Israel is not Israel.

Let me explain.

Israel is not a Middle Eastern country you land in when you reach Ben Gurion Airport. It is not the country you read about in the Jerusalem Post, where people use shekels as money and evacuate Jews from hilltop communities. It is not the country from which Yishai and Alex broadcast to you and inform you that Shimon Peres may be elected president tomorrow, or where Arutz7 tells you that terrorists are lobbing rockets at civilians on a daily basis. It is not even where your brother lives and dines at Cafe Hillel.

So if you are thinking of making aliyah because we need you in the army or at a hilltop community or at a demonstration or as part of our economy, my very personal take is that you are thinking wrong, and may my esteemed Kumah colleagues forgive me.

I was 17, and had finished high school in the US, when I decided to return to Israel, where I was born and raised until age 7. I did this for different reasons, but one of them was definitely this: I want to change the world. I believe the world can be fixed. It's difficult but doable.

In order to fix the world what you need is a strong, large, economically well-off Israel in the middle of it. And that Israel needs to be respected, and it needs to have enlightened leaders who love and fear Hashem. The rest will come naturally: the cures to diseases, the end of African famine, the solution to the depressing boredom of living in Greenland - you name it - there's nothing a 60 million strong Jewish nation can't fix. And maintain over generations.

However, in order for this to happen, a good group of Jews, the right group of Jews, needs to lead Israel. And this is doable. Why? Precisely because this is a small country. Because this is a small country, a small group of people can really make a difference. It is very easy to become famous in Israel. And when you become famous in Israel, you can become famous worldwide. Because this is the country with the most camera lenses and microphones trained on it at any given time, in the entire world.

Let me give an example of what I mean, and forgive the telegraphic and somewhat mysterious nature of some of my posts - it's just that Kumah actually deducts from our pay if we write posts that are too long.

I decided at a certain point in my life to fight against an ideology which I thought was harming our nation. I started with a local pamphlet which I distributed in my community. Then I started bombarding the websites with talkback items. Then I wrote in Arutz7. Then I wrote in Maariv. Then I wrote in NRG and then in Ynet. Then I started appearing in TV shows. In the end I wound up semi-famous. Maybe even notorious, which is kind of better than famous in some ways. But most important: I made a difference. I influenced people. I had something to say, I said it and people heard. And things changed: a ministerial-level committee was formed to discuss one of the main issues I raised, an issue which had been taboo before. The op-ed sections of Maariv and Ynet changed, in ways I won't go into. Subjects were raised in the Knesset and a new committee may even be formed.

I am not saying this to say how great a guy I am. I am saying this because I want you to know that Israel is small enough, that one person can make a difference. And it's not just the size: it is a country full of Jews. The Yids are a stiff-necked race and when they are bad they are very bad, but they are ideological folks. When an ideology sweeps them up off their feet, and it matters not in this respect if the ideology says "Techezena eineinu beshuvcha letzion berachamim" or "workers of the world, unite!" or even "let's create a movie town and call it Hollywood" - there is no limit to what they (the Hebes) can do. This is a proven fact, and only a fool would dispute it.

Also, Jews are probably the world's most communicative and hyperactive people. If you have a better explanation of why there are twice as many active cellphones as people in Israel, please let me know. This creates an atmosphere that is very conducive to ideological change. People listen to you. Of course, after they listen to you, some of them call the police, but still - at least they have listened, and they have listened with Jewish ears. The ones you have convinced will process what you told them in a Jewish way and then disseminate it further, and/or act upon it.

So what I'm saying is this: think of Israel, not as a country, but as a Zionist Congress. This is the 107th Zionist Congress, folks. You come here, you become a delegate. Think of the delegates in the original Zionist congresses, voting on the Uganda plan. Does anyone doubt that every single delegate made a difference? If it weren't for the enthusiasm of the Russian delegates for the original Zion, so I once read, the Congress would probably have voted in favor of Uganda as our homeland. And the world would be a different place now.

As an Israeli, you can change Israel. And Israel can - and will, I believe - change the world.


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Friday, June 01, 2007

Recognize A Family Member?

Ynet in cooperation with Bitmuna publishes a weekly dive into Israel's past with sepia photographs from a long time ago.

This week they are featuring photos of the dedication and construction of Hadassah hospital on Har Hatzofim (Mount Scopus).

The above photo shows Hadassah founder Henrietta Szold, future PM David Ben Gurion, journalist / Zionist activist Nachum Sokolov (I think he is the second one to the right of BG, clasping his hands) and future president Yitzchak Ben Tzvi (my guess - smiling lanky guy on the left) in 1936. The other people's identities are not known and the Bitmuna folks are asking the public to help identify them.

This is a photograph of two of the builders - identified only as 'sons of Jerusalem.' I imagine they are Jews.


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

BREAKING: Elders Hold News Conference

Pandemonium around the podium

A spokesman for the Elders of Zion, Mr. Larry Elder, is holding a news conference in which he is stating the Elders' recommended course of action in Sderot. I am liveblogging, here goes:

LE: ... the Elders recommend the following:

a) we get a normal Prime Minister instead of this meshugener shaygetz.

b) the new PM gets the IDF to build The Gazanator.

c) the new PM holds a news conference in Sderot in which he unveils The Gazanator.

d) The Gazanator is a computer connected to some Howitzers on one end and the Color Red incoming rocket alert system on the other. Basically, what it does is confirm that there is an incoming rocket and have a Howitzer fire a shell into a randomly selected point in Gaza's populated areas.

e) The PM then proceeds to load the Howitzers with shells himself, so as to make clear the responsibility for any "war crime" is his and his alone. He explains that once the Gazanator is turned on, the only thing that will make it fire shells are incoming rockets from Gaza, and the only thing that will make it stop firing shells is a cessation of incoming fire from Gaza.

f) PM turns on The Gazanator. End of story.

(silence, then commotion)

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Exclusive: Meeting of the Elders, 10/05/07

the Elders when they were a bit younger

The Elders have met again. This took place last Thursday in the vicinity of the Temple Institute. Sorry it took me this long to get the info, but you're not going to get this anywhere else so just be grateful!

Anyhow, this meeting was devoted to a Stages Plan and to updates regarding the tunnel work currently being painstakingly carried out under the Temple Mount. When I say painstaking, I am understating to the maximum degree: the digs are performed by teams that include archaeologists and explosive experts - this is not just your ordinary tunnel. Plus there are acoustic issues - it's important that the people praying in the mosques don't hear the guys chiseling away. Sipur mehahaftara as we say!

So the tunnel part is confidential, I was not even allowed to look at the protocol dealing with that.

As for the Stages Plan, here is the relevant section:

Reb Moishe ben Duvid: Hey, why do Jews have big noses?

Reb Itamar ben Fishel: Because the air is for free, yes we know that one! Go on if you want to present your plan!

Reb Moishe ben Duvid: OK OK. So here is the plan I suggest. I have been speaking with Reb Effie [Eitam] about this by the way, he is leaking the plan in bits and pieces so the public can get used to it.

Stage A as you see in this chart is to make the public discourse in Israel a bit more aggressive and violent, get the pacifists in the media to gradually shut their yaps. This is progressing nicely. The tone is less sissyish and more violent, and this is good. I am seeing graffiti that says 'Kahana Tzadak' and it is not getting wiped away as fast as it used to.

Stage B is to get 'the cocktail' in government. I say cocktail because while we do not have a leader who can cure us from our AIDS, we can, through a combination of leaders, hold off the Arabs for quite a while. The cocktail looks like it will include Netanyahu and Eitam.

Stage C is to whack the Israeli Arab population over the head as we say. This we will accomplish by staging a provocation and then getting the 'cocktail' to declare martial law throughout the major Arab concentrations, from the Galilee to the Negev. There will be a curfew for at least a year, probably much longer, and it will be strictly and harshly enforced.

Stage D will be to convince the government to start bombing the Arabs in Yehuda Shomron and Aza, and show the world that we can be as mean, crazy and underhanded as the worst of them if need be. We don't play by the rules when the other side doesn't.

Stage E will involve a 1948-style expulsion of 90% of the Yesha Arabs.

Stage F will involve resettling 2-3 million Jews who will stream here, mostly from the USA, as a result of the massive anti-Semitic wave stage E will engender.

Stage G will involve getting some serious allies with us as we prepare for Stage H, the showdown with the Mohammedans. This means Zionist Christians but also countries like India and possibly Africa [I must say I agree with him: some sub-saharan African countries were the only ones who did not boycott the Jerusalem Day event! They have a simple, true belief, they love us and we need to be less racist and accept their love - G.R.].

Stage H will be the showdown! If we lose we die. If we win - we get tons and tons of oil and we die laughing!

(general laughter)


That's all I have for now.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

4007 AA

Abraham about to kick someone's butt

All this talk by Yishai about it being '67 again (in the Hebrew counting) reminds me of an old idea of mine.

I think counting according to when Jesus was supposedly born, or crucified, is a bad idea. Otoh, it's hard to go from the present system to the Hebrew one. To go from 2007 to 5767 you have to add 3760. Who can do that in his head, except Chinese people? Very hard.

Saying 'CE' and 'BCE' doesn't do it for me either. The 'C' is still there, and we know what it originally stood for.

So I suggest a third way of counting. We start from Abraham, and we arbitrarily decide that 'Abraham' happened at 2000 BCE. That way, to get what year we are at After Abraham, you just add 2000 to the AD date. So we are now at 4007 AA.


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Monday, May 14, 2007

Rabbi Ariel Recounts the Liberation of Jerusalem

I'm not sure if this is relevant or not to the discussion about aliyah ('kosher style' etc.) because I guess conquest is not the same as settlement, but I think it may be. It is taken from an interview in Besheva with Rabbi Ariel, who recounts the liberation of Jerusalem. He was a paratrooper himself.

The soldiers' low morale was evident in their faces, and Rabbi Goren strengthened them with words of truth, as Rabbi Ariel recalls with admiration. These words became a central perception of Ariel's, as years went by and his study deepened. "He said that of all the mitzvot, the only mitzva for which a person may endanger himself lechatchila - on purpose - is the conquest of Eretz Yisrael. Shabat, Yom Kippur and other important commandments are cancelled in the face of mortal danger - pikuach nefesh - but not the conquest of the land. 'Therefore you should know,' he said, "that those who are gone died for kiddush Hashem, for the sanctification of the Lord's Name, and those who died for the Kingdom - no entity can stand next to them.'"

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Sunday, May 06, 2007


I think some explanations may be due.

First, I put up a post last Friday (since edited) that was a tad uncommunicative. I'm sorry if people had no idea what I was trying to say - I got a little carried away because I was really happy with my latest article. I hadn't written anything for a while, and the article came out powerful (I thought) and I was happy so I started doing my touchdown dance and forgot where I was for a moment.

I had gotten used to having articles in the press every 2-3 weeks, and then had to go without for a long time, and so when the article came out - and unlike my previous string of articles at Ynet, was not censored - I was happy. Sorry. I just love the truth and I love getting it out. I know how much the jerks out there are pained by it.

As for women and gays. Some of my best friends are... no wait, that one's been done. Women are great. Homosexuals are also great. Being considered stupid, being treated without respect, being sexually harmed or being beaten up and then having the police take this lightly - all these things stink. Women don't deserve that. Being called a fairy also stinks. Homosexuals have a hard life. I feel bad for them.

I'm all for letting people do what they want in their bedrooms and I'm all for women getting the respect and protection they deserve. But when these groups organize politically and affect my country's defense posture - I cease to empathize and I start getting angry. When these groups adopt lying radical marxists as their leaders, and other people don't realize that this is happening under their noses, I feel the need to alert them.

Men have done everything we can be expected to do and much more in support of the women's movement. Show me a single feminist law that hasn't been passed by the Knesset, with the support of a large majority, including the knit-kippah crowd.

Groups don't normally give up power willingly. Yet the men of the Knesset are doing just that, and they have been doing it for many years: passing laws that mandate 50% female representation on state-company boards of directors, for instance. Voting for a law that would give substantial benefits to parties that have at least 30% representation for women on their tickets. Changing rape laws in a way that no longer requires the presence of the use of force or even the threat of the use of force for conviction - thus creating exceedingly fertile ground for vindictive use of false accusations. Creating the sexual harrassment law, despite the ease with which it lends itself to use in blackmail. Passing the domestic violence law that has been grossly abused by women in divorces. And much more where that came from.

The number of Israeli men in jail for crimes against women has shot up by 450% in ten years. A full 25% of the people in jail right now are in there for supposed crimes against women. I say supposed, because half of them are innocent. When a specific prison population shoots up by 450% like that - you know there's a witch hunt going on.

So the last thing that can be said about Israel's males is that they have not been bending over backwards for the women's movement, and cooperating fully with its leaders and legislators.

The same goes for homosexuals: if you read what I linked to in that Zibbi and the Homos post, you'll see that they, too, realize they are in a golden age (for them, as far as their rights and power are concerned).

But when these groups' politics cross over into defense and diplomacy, and it turns out they are working for the enemy - well, I don't have to put up with that. My posts have been about foreign policy and defense matters. When a feminist clique manages to destroy our country's defenses and bring about humiliating withdrawals in Lebanon and Gaza - only an utter fool would continue defending them in any way. When the foreign office / tourism ministry helps create a site that promotes Black Laundry - we have to ask ourself what is going on.

A poster by Black Laundry. Should the government be helping this group?

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Friday, May 04, 2007


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How Cool Was 1967?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Olmert is the Left's Sharon (Sort Of) + UPDATE

Olmert, to the Left, is like what Sharon was to us. Sort of. He was elected on a platform of appeasement but then changed his mind about it, just like Sharon was elected on a platform of patriotism and then changed his mind about it.

As I spoke to a friend today it hit me that the Wicked Witches of the Left were probably on the Wino Commission's tail just to make sure the committee understood its job was to topple Olmert. That is why they terrorized it. This is how they work! They are like bees!
םיצוק שאכ וכעד - םירובדכ ינובס

Well in that case, it did what it was expected to do.

What I understood after talking to my friend is that the hard Left apparently wants Bibi to be PM. It's not hard to understand why: they know he'll be up against the most pressure any Israeli PM ever faced, and that other than his little measly coalition, nobody will be on his side.

Since he is no Ben Gurion or HaRav Kook, eventually he'll break. He's caved before, and he's a pretty easy target, representing as he does the interests of the rich, and being a generally pompous, somewhat slick guy, without a hell of a moral backbone (Bibi has one surefire way of getting out of trouble: he starts saying "Yoni". He is The Knight Who Says "yo-Ni!").

This got me upset for a while because I, like most of us, have major apprehensions about Bibi anyways. But then I thought "so what?". So what if the hard Left wants Olmert down. It still doesn't mean we should not want him down. Sometimes the interests of the messianic Left and the Messianic Right converge.
PS - Olmert and Galon don't like each other. This was a very funny moment in the Knesset's history. You should see the video here. Olmert slamming Galon and Galon cackling furiously.
UPDATE: maybe it's like this - Olmert isn't giving the Left the goods (Disengagement II) so they ratchet up the pressure. Winograd, etc. Olmert meets Amoz Oz, starts promising stuff. And now, it seems, he is also starting to deliver. So maybe they'll lower the flames accordingly.


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Can We Lose with Zibbi and the Homos on Our Side?

Homos in camos scaring off dem Arabs

Hey - remember a while back, Zibbi Livni came up with that wonderful idea, to enlist the homosexual community to Israel's aid and promote gay tourism to Israel?

Well Zibbi is a woman of her word! Oh yes she is!

Look at the bottom (no bun intended) of this page: what does it say?

It says Pictures and texts courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism, that's what it says.

[oopsie - she's not in charge of that ministry is she? She's got the foreign office. But it seems there is cooperation with the Tourism Ministry here - G.R.].

Oh thank you Zibbi, for bringing as many faygelehs as possible into Tel Aviv. This is definitely going to scare off the Arabs!

- Hey Achmed, wanna go conquer Tel Aviv?

- You crazy Mahmoud? There's all these macho Jewish gay guys there! Deyll beat us up!! Let's go back to Saudi!

I recommend taking a few minutes to read this text too:

The development of a gay identity was difficult for many at a time when Israeli society was still in the midst of its Zionist revolution. Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, sought to create a "New Jew" as part of the rebirth of Jewish sovereignty. The New Jew would work the land or engage in blue collar jobs, rather than in the "bourgeois" professions taken up by Jews in the Diaspora (the early Zionists were resolute socialists).

The security problems facing the Jewish state also precluded for many years discussion of a variety of social issues and problems. Pleading more pressing issues, the public agenda did not include the place of Mizrachim (Jews who immigrated to Israel from the Arab countries) in a society dominated by European-born Jews, women's liberation, equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel, or gay rights. Moreover, the collective values preached by the early founders of the Jewish state likewise left little room for exploration of personal identity.


Yet, gay identity and politics still did not go public. The close-knit nature of Israeli society made coming out exceedingly difficult, as did Israeli society's emphasis on family and reproduction. So it fell on non-gay supporters of gay rights to move things forward.


Mainstream Success
The reasons for gay and lesbian political success during this period from 1988 through the mid-1990s were many. Chief among them was the fact that gay activists pursued a very mainstream strategy, seeking to convince the wider public that gay Israelis were good patriotic citizens who just happened to be attracted to the same sex.

This strategy, pursued until recently, reinforced the perception that gay rights was a non-partisan issue, unconnected to the major fissure in Israeli politics, the Arab-Israeli conflict and how to resolve it. Embracing gay rights enabled Israelis to pat themselves on the back for being open-minded, even as Israeli society wrestled less successfully with other social inequalities.

Another reason for success was that the only source of real opposition to gay rights in Israel stems from the country's religious parties. This may seem contradictory, but it is not. While religious parties have played a role in every Israeli government since the establishment of the state in 1948, in recent years, as their power has grown, so has the resentment of secular Israelis. Thus, the opposition of religious parties to gay rights has engendered the opposite reaction among non-religious Israelis.

The Revolution Begins
The mainstream path started to grate on some gay and lesbian Israelis in the late 1990s.


But the radical critique has not been all-encompassing. The Israeli LGBT movement has not embraced feminism (in fact, sexism and tensions between gay men and lesbians are both quite prevalent), and until recently, the place of gay Arabs in the community was neglected, reflecting the wider society's indifference to Israel's Arab minority (some 20 percent of Israel's population).

Hagai Elad's article, "Gay Israel: No Pride In Occupation" thus comes at a rather grim time for Israel, and possibly, at a turning point for queer politics. Against the backdrop of clashes between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the 2001 Tel Aviv's Pride Parade, typically a celebratory, hedonistic affair, got a dose of politics when a contingent called "Gays in Black" marched with a banner proclaiming, "There's No Pride In Occupation."

All this courtesy of our tax shekel.


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One great reason to elect Tzipi is the way her name will be pronounced by our neighbors.


You have to know gutter Arabic to get that one. 'Nuff said.


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Tzipi, Save Us!

this is even worse than a picture of a pig, trust me

O Tzipke, now that Olmert is tottering please take over from the good-for-nothing men so that the Female Underground may become the Female Overground and finally bring peace between us and our virile neighbors who simply need a good motherly hug from our women to come to their senses and let us live.

For Tzipke my Tzipke, we know that women can make peace while men are silly neanderthal war machines. May we live to see UNSC Resolution 1325 implemented in the Middle East, and may all those hirsute Israeli men go away and be buried under a mountain of child support payments while the rest of us eat shawarma and knafeh with those husky mustachioed Ayerabs and their great after-shave. Yay!

PS: how do I know nobody is actually going to bother to click that last link and read it and try to understand that the feminist movement is the most potent force for Western appeasement out there? Because I do, I'm smart like that. Who in his right mind is going to bother trying to find out what 'gender mainstreaming' even means? It's much easier to walk to Homesh and say hayo lo tihyeh, which is all the Israeli right is there for I guess.

Yippee! We walked around the Border Police! Messiah is coming for sure.

(Gil Ronen and his silly rants. What did his mother do to him?).

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oopsie-daisy - Spoke Too Soon

Sue me baby one more time.
See, I thought yesterday's soldier-from-the-back shot was a pretty good combat pose but look at this - Ynet's photo for an item about yesterday's alternative Yom Ha'atzmaoot - the Arab cryfest over the fact that they lost their war of genocide against us. This would be more or less the same as the Nazis holding an alternative V-E Day, or Japanese marking an alternative V-J Day in the USA.

Just look at that picture: right out of an Arab Braveheart, innit? You can see there is adulation for the masculine Arabs in Ynet's desk.

Turns out some Israeli mangalistas in Megiddo Forest were caught unawares by about 5,000 Arabs who had come to attend their event at the ruins of Lajun - a former Arab village so named because the Roman 6th Legion parked there during the Bar Kochva Rebellion - a rebellion that took place when the Jews who never existed tried to shake off the yoke of the Romans who had sacked their Temple which never existed either.

Quite a few talkback reactions to this item on INN, there certainly were a lot of reactions to the story about an Arab attack in Yafo the other day, which makes me think the idea of creating a 'Shalom House' in Umm El Fahm really is a very good idea in terms of its PR value. We will get the best PR if we do something like that in pre-1967 Israel.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Holy Fifth Columns, Batman!

The actual pic that appeared on Ynet. Sue me

One small picture for Ynet, one giant leap for Ynetkind.

Get this: Ynet is actually featuring a photo on its homepage that shows an IDF soldier in an action pose. He doesn't look ridiculous, doesn't look like a fool, and an Israeli photographer took it - not AP.

I'm pretty sure few people notice this stuff, but it's very important IYAM.

Also, I like the tone of the talkbacks. Way less wussy than a year ago. Lots of people tearing into Gal-On even when she isn't featured in the article. Of course, I could be hallucinating this.

Of course, Ynet still employs Ali Waked and still thinks stories about bad, mean IDF soldiers who slapped an Arab make excellent news copy. They also like to say '2 Killed' in the headline and make you look inside the article to find out if the two are IDF soldiers or Arab terrorists. The concepts of 'us' and 'them' have yet to percolate into their advanced post-modern minds. Lets hope it does before those advanced brains are splattered on a wall, courtesy of an Arab AK-47.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Winograd: the Right is Missing the Real Game

The Right as a whole thinks Zehava Gal-On is right wrt the Winograd Commission. It figures Olmert, Peretz and Halutz are covering their collective tukheses and the protocols need to be published.

However, you guys are missing the real dynamic, I believe.

The Committee operates according to the rules of the Old Boys Network. Zehava Gal-On, Edna Arbel and Dorit Beinish are feminists, hence they are enemies of the OBN. The men have their military aura and the secrecy that surrounds them and the halo of heroism - these things are anathema to the Pinkettes. So the idea is to break them down and show them who is boss.

This is the constant strategic theme of the Gal-Ons: never give the Patriarchy a moment of quiet, cow it into submission, break down the symbols of power: everyone must know the President is just "Katzav," and a rapist - even if he hasn't even been charged and the chances he really used force are slim to none. That's what Shelly Yehimovich and her media collaborators are there for. Ramon has to be dangled in the public square, because he dared to challenge Beinish's hegemony. That's what women like Hana Beit-halahmi are there for. And the Winograd Committee cannot hide behind the mantle of importance that these "security matters" always give men. Who needs men? Bah to military secrecy! You have no secrets, heads of the Patriarchy, you have no place that is just yours, where you can feel safe.

Compare that with Beinish's firm stand against writing down a protocol in the Committee for Appointment of Judges. That's writing, not publishing.

Committees like this must enjoy some kind of secrecy. They must be respected. Even if we can't stand Olmert. Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad despise us as it is, there is no need to let them gaze directly at the bowels of the Israeli defense establishment with a colonoscope, just because Gal-On & friends think it is a male bastion that needs to have its nose rubbed in the mud every week.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Announcement

Guys - we need to reinvent ourselves.

I was watching a historical recreation on Channel 8 last night. Magnificent stuff. One day this will be a major industry of Greater Israel (which I think should be called Beit Ever) - films about Jewish history. But the Jews will speak Hebrew, not English!!! And the Romans will look like Italians, not like Britons. In this film, you see Jews who were proud and fierce. What does that mean? Nothing. Just that. They were proud and they were fierce. How could you tell? You could see it in their eyes.

And when Josephus - hiding in a well in Yodfat, as it is being run over by Romans - tells his subordinate officers and soldiers there is no point in fighting, they immediately turn on him and want to kill him. And they would have, too! They were arsim, folks! They had pride! So he has to trick them into committing suicide but he rigs it so he remains last, and then he turns himself in to the Romans.

But that's not the important thing. The important thing is we had a normal, an ultra-normal, proud, people, with a purpose.

Oh and by the way, how do you think the Jews manage to repulse the Roman siege for 47 days? What do they do against the Roman siege towers? They...

Dig a tunnel!!! Hahaha! They were the Hamas (tphooey!) 2000 years before the Hamas ever existed.

We Jews were not originally Jews, you know.

We were HaYehudim.

The contraction "Jews" was part of the process of our denigration, I'm sure. Calling a Judean a "Joo" is like calling an Arab a "Rab" or a Pakistani a "Paki," if you ask me.

Anyhow - we were regional power that had everything going for it: strong, proud, with a sense of direction and leadership. We decided to go for the whole hog (oops, sorry! Unkosher phrase). We said "yes G-d, double or nothing." And that is why we have been eating sh-t for so long. Because if you want the whole hog, you have to pay for it.

Objectively speaking, despite and because of the cognitive dissonance and deep sense of helplessness, dread and self-loathing caused by our self-loathing and self-defeating people's behavior, despite the craziness induced by their craziness, we need to realize this is our moment to seize.

Our leftism is not innate. Our matriarchalism is not innate. These are things that served our purpose for 2000 years. Jewish leftism, even bolshevism and marxism and pacifism and self loathing - all of these served a purpose for 2000 years. They helped bring the Mashiach. They helped build the Temple.


Because without Karl Marx and tens of thousands of Jewish marxist activists in 19th and early 20th century Europe, Hitler might never have attacked Russia - or he might have done it after subjugating the West.

Because without the Jewish liberals in the USA, the US could have taken a path that would not have left it as the world's number one and sole superpower, and put it on a collision course with a lot more than the Arab/Muslim world.

Et cetera.

But whereas anti-establishmentary, anti-religious philosophies of doubt serve the Jewish purpose when applied to non-Jewish countries and nations, or to ourselves in times when it is necessary to suck it in, to take it and lie low, to pursue a policy of havlaga - once we arrive at the historic moment when we must act hard and strong, we need to shed these philosophies. Instead of being the People of the Left, we need to become the People of the Right.

Early zionism, Ben Gurionian zionism, made the first steps towards a right-wing Jewish mindset, but stopped short, of course. Now is the time to take the next step towards being a right-wing, patriarchal people. Reality will force us in this direction.


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Phyllis Chesler Gets It Right

Phyllis Chesler thinks if you are a feminist, you are supposed to cheer the West in its fight against the Muslim "gender apartheid" culture. She wrote a book called "The Death of Feminism."

Col. Jack Jacobs is so cool! We need heroes. We need heroes. People in wartime need heroes!

New Jacobs interview.

Old Jacobs interview.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Good Arab Rapists

Yisrael Medad sees the light. How much more damage will Gal-On and Yechimovich do to Israel before everyone does?

And amazingly, Maariv/NRG goes to the rapists' defense with a "their side" piece: turns out the good Arab rapist cried with his victim!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Peretz: Let's Discuss Final Solution

Bethlehem - Ma'an - The Israeli minister of defence Amir Peretz, during the government session on Sunday, demanded the immediate opening of talks with Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, regarding the final solution.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


(I saw someone spell the term that way in a talkback to an Arutz7 article.)

It is becoming clearer and clearer to people in Israel that something is wrong with our kahonies.

Not with our weapons (unlike, say, 1948).

Not with our economy (unlike any previous era in Israel's history).

Not with the world stage - to paraphrase the Muslims, there is no Superpower but the USA and Israel is the USA's Number One Ally (King David would have killed for a world stage like this. Never ever has there been anything like it. It's what we've always wanted!).

Just with one thing that can make or break everything we've been working for for three or four thousand years. Kahonies.

The Left has gone for our kahonies.

Let me remind you what kahonies do in nature. They make you aggressive and territorial. They make you proud. They make you fight. Think about it.

We are back in Bereisheet: Adam, Eve and the snake. The snake is using Eve's weaknesses to rob us of paradise.

Let's bring back kahonies. The rest will come naturally.

PS: there was an interesting TV show last night about sexual harrassment. Limor Livnat and others spoke of unpleasant episodes in which they were harrassed. What made the show different was that the panel was not composed of seven rabid feminist extremists and one bumbling male, but of one male feminist extremist (an advertising guy called Zarmon), one female feminist non-extremist (Orna Angel, an Ehud Barak protege/confidante, married to the Angel bakery family), and Shulamit Aloni on the anti-extremist side, along with Yakov Perry, ex head of the Shabak, who actually came out and said the word "castration."

There was also an interview with some lifeguards who spoke of the hardship of chatting up women - and they weren't made to look like fools, as you would expect. Video could be available soon for viewing on the Kumah uberblog.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meat! Fresh Bleeding Meat! Arf Arf!

The angelic lefty loons are on a feeding frenzy again today. When aren't they? These are fat loons we have here, let me tell you.

All of the major news web outlets are feasting on MK Esterina Tartman's gaping wound: Sunday night it was Amnon Abramovich of TV Channel 1 who took the first big bite out of the newly appointed, yet to be sworn in tourism minister for the right wing (?) Yisrael Beiteinu faction, whom the Left hates for being good looking, the IDF record holder for parachute jumps by a woman, a survivor of cancer and a very bad car accident, and of course for her politics. Abramovich revealed that Tartman received 1 million NIS from an insurance company when she left her previous job at Yahav bank in 2001, following her accident.

She and her lawyers had convinced the judge that she left the job because she could only work 4 hours a day and was permanently disabled. The insurance company had claimed she was lying and that she was leaving because she was entering politics. So the question is, how can she work a full time job as an MK and now as minister, if she can only work 4 hours a day, wink wink?

The way I see it, it is quite possible that at the time she could only work 4 hours and now she can work more. In any case, it is clear that the media would never ever feast this way on, say, Supreme Court Judge Edna Arbel, who has quite a few corruption scandals attached to her name, or Dorit Beinish, even, who is also far from clean.

Today they have added a new indictment: Tartman claimed - on the Knesset website and Yisrael Beiteinu's website - to have a Master's Degree in Int'l Relations from Hebrew U., when in fact all she had was some graduate courses from Touro College.

I guess that is pretty embarrassing. But still, if you take a look at Yoav Yitzhak's website - NFC.CO.IL - you won't see the item at all. Yitzhak, on the other hand, has been the one hounding Arbel and Beinish for years about their scandals, which are worse than anything Tartman may have done. This is because Yitzhak, besides being a fighter and a nonconformist, is a Yemenite Jew and an outsider. He used to work for Maariv and then fought with them and went independent. He seems to be doing OK.

If you want to publish an opinion piece on his site, you can. He rarely censors stuff. Even if it isn't PC at all. But still, NFC's ratings are nowhere near Ynet.

Maariv's op-ed editor is also a Yemenite, Ben Dror Yemini. Yemini is a lawyer and he once represented the Yemenite residents of Pinkas St. in Tel Aviv, when fat cat landlords were buying them out for real estate development purposes. I believe he won that case and that was what launched his career in some ways, though I am not sure of the details. In any case, you will find Maariv's op-ed section is less PC conformist than others, and that Yemini attacks the "rule of law mafia" quite a lot, too.


One more:

Haaretz in Hebrew reports on a meeting between Condi Rice and Krazy Kooky Loon Spikey Haired Bee***ch MK Zehava Galon. Galon fed Rice a bunch of hyperinflated stats about the supposedly terrible situation in Israel re: exploitation of women (i.e., prostitutes).

I do not want to offend anyone's sensibilities here, but let me just say that it has been proven to my satisfaction that Galon & co. lie through their teeth about these stats. However, nobody calls them on it, and you are "not allowed" to talk about it (are you?). They make Israel look like a festering hellhole of woman abuse, when in fact it is probably the safest place for women in the entire world.

Now notice what is happening here: were it not for the feminist angle, Galon would never have gotten on Condi's schedule. However, once in there, she also went on and on about the supposedly terrible humanitarian situation in Gaza.

If the Right - and specifically, right wing women - had more sense they would understand that lefties like Galon have succeeded in creating a semi-secret ultraleftist feminist agenda through which they emasculate the entire West. If you can't see the connection between women's politics and left/right politics, well then - I think you are not trying. I always thought if the women of the Right took these women on we could have a fighting chance against the Left.

A true feminist would have pointed out the increase in Arab sexually predatory crimes against Israeli women in the past few years. Just today, five Galilee Arabs from Bir el-Maksur were arrested for allegedly carrying out a series of gang rapes of Jewish girls - as young as 13 - over the past two years for nationalistic motives. These guys apparently went around the roads of the Galilee prowling for girls, and they actually told at least one girl being attacked that this was in revenge for IDF activities.

Is this on Ynetnews in English or I don't see it. Why? Because it sends the wrong feminist message, you see. It makes Arab men look very bad, and could actually cause someone to think strengthening Jewish men is part of the solution. It could also make a lot of people very angry, and it is precisely that kind of anger which we now lack.

I personally used to think if feminist issues are so PC and beloved by the media (any and all sexual allegations are front page news, despite the very high rate of false allegations in divorce cases and by disgruntled employees, jilted lovers etc.), a group of right wing women should mount a protest against Arab sex crimes in front of Israeli police stations. However - this is not in the Right's oeuvre: it is not directly about Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, the fence or Pollard. It is a different tack, and one that could have been very effective. Maybe they wouldn't have reported about the group the first time, but by the third or fourth demo they would have. It could have knocked some wind out of the Left, which is very dependent on its feminists for its media and moralizing power.

Yes, sex is not a modest topic. But why is it OK and progressive when broached by "Kolech", for instance, against leading rabbis? Why is the fact that there is an intentional Arab campaign of sexual molestation against Jewish women not an issue?

What women like Galon do is lobby and pass laws that make it very hard for a Jewish man to even carry a gun, because supposedly, he is likely to use it against his wife. I cannot even begin to say how twisted this is, and how central it is to the emasculation of this nation. I wish I were less alone in this belief. I think it is a central issue, and one that the Right wing media, especially right wing female journalists, should try and push onto the national right wing agenda.

There is only one figure who can save Israel: the Jewish hero. If we hate our men, we will have no heroes. If we have no heroes, we will have no leaders.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Tale of Krazy Klan

Krazy Klan created a country for itself. It fought and fought, built and paved, dug and dried, planted and harvested. It flourished and made the earth flourish. It beat its swords into plowshares and its plowshares back into swords. It killed the lion and skinned it, and flew the furry flag high above its home.

But Krazy Klan became so sophisticated it got caught up in its own lies. Its genius was such that it could stave off its enemy with one hand, and still beat itself senseless with the other. And Krazy Klan kept self-flagellating. It was high on the hill and the sun was out and the birds were chirping, and Krazy Klan took its own sword and started beating itself on the head like a Shi'ite in Ashura, bleeding and laughing. And so the enemies all around it awoke, and circled, and drew ever nearer.

Klan knew exactly what to do in these situations. It had learned its lesson in thousands of years of persecution.

It dressed itself in a pink tutu and began dancing a polka. It did somersaults and juggled bottles in the air with its feet. As it held up a mirror, it began screaming at itself in a high pitched, nasal voice: "why must you walk so hunched up, what are you, Quasimodo?"... "why walk so erect, are you a knight in armor all of a sudden?"... "eat with your mouth closed!"... "chew your food before you swallow, you'll choke!"... "don't talk so much!"... "why are you so quiet, did somebody die?"...

Meanwhile, a worried world looked on.

(to be continued?)

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

So maybe the weak are strong after all?

I find this optimism-inducing. Especially the part in the end, about finding out 30 years later that the people who seemed strong were weak and the people who seemed weak were strong:

Gilbert, in Israel for the International Book Fair, described his discovery of Lawrence's Zionist orientation as the most surprising archival revelation he had come across from an Israeli perspective.

But he stressed that archival sources consistently showed major discrepancies between what is really going on in world affairs and the inaccurate way in which events and personalities are perceived at the time.

"As a historian, I'm very cautious about anyone's claiming to know what any government is doing at the present time," he said. "I study archives as soon as they are open - normally 30 years after an event; sometimes a bit less. What you see when you do this is that the people you imagined had been strong were weak; the people you thought weak were strong; and things you thought couldn't possibly be taking place were taking place."

Maybe what is going on even now is not what we think is going on? Maybe all this wall-building is just the Jews' way of playing dead while our more galutish allies in the US prepare a strike on Iran, for instance? I mean, the first Gulf War was an exercise in humiliation for Israel, but we got the f%$&er in the end, did we not?

Oh and look at these cartoons: it's nice to know the other side feels weak and overpowered, too.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Third Voice

There are three voices in Israeli political life.

The first is a male, Zionist voice. It is cowed and silent.

The second is an Arab voice. It has a lot of nerve, is violent, shameless and successful.

The third is a marxist-feminist*-yiddishe-mame voice, the emasculating voice of MK Galon, Yehimovich & co. It is shrill and merciless, and gets along swimmingly with the Arab voice.

Yesterday, the Knesset spoke in the first voice for an hour, when it passed the "Shai Dromi laws" in preliminary hearing. It was a moment to treasure.

*I use marxist-feminist more or less in the sense that Wendy McElroy uses "gender feminist." See also here.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Imbalance of Balance

The problem with the current balance of power in the Middle East is that it is too balanced. you all know how hard it is to balance a scale, or a see-saw, so one side doesn't hit the ground and the other one doesn't go up in the air. It's precarious: the slightest movement creates instability.

The same holds true for the Middle East. The sides are too balanced, too similar in strength, for peace and stability to be achieved. On one side - Israel. Technologically super-bright. A nation of geek geniuses. A country that has brought the world wonderful advances in agriculture and science, despite its small size. The place that invented the kibbutz and now, its heir, the "yishuv kehilati." Home to wonderful communities where religious Jews work and pray and live a moral, healthy life. A leader in medicine and emergency rescue. Abode of the Merkava and the best air force pilots in the world. But tiny. Tiny.

On the other - the Arab-Muslim Middle East. A lugubrious mammoth with relatively low abilities in the field of science and invention, other than the buzzing prayer rug of course. An ocean of poverty, spicy souks, misogyny and terrible driving. But also - a humungous population with great oil wealth and a fierce sense of pride, mortally injured by the Yid's presence and our ability to knock them to the ground in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982. Tens of millions of men in mustaches want us dead, and they are growing crazier and more religious by the minute.

This is a balance: a small, talented, high-tech, reasonable Jew versus 20 big low-tech, religiously zealous Arabs. And that is why the Middle East is so unstable.

Can a less balanced Middle East emerge? Can there be a decisive victory over the Arab Muslim Middle East?

Take a look at the map attached, folks. Imagine a blitz campaign in which Israel takes all the territory marked in orange, with the help of allies like India, and perhaps some sub-Saharan African countries which we train and advise. Is it possible? I guess not. But was the Six Day War possible? The Entebbe raid? 1948? Imagine us with those borders, with oil wealth and Jewish genius. And imagine the Arab Muslims back in Arabia, with little territory to the north of Mecca and Medina. That would be stable! Maybe not possible, but worth dreaming about.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

A Tale of Fiestas and Drunken Widows

Hello Jews, pro-Judeans, and undecided lookers-on!

I think there is something about my karmatological map this week that says - "you will come on new stages in the most embarrassing ways possible". One such coming-on-new-stages incident involved me and my beloved Fiesta (I forgive you, Henry Ford, you antisemitic lout! On second thought, I don't forgive you!), which smashed into someone's Mitsubishi Lancer on a rainy, slippery Sunday early afternoon, as I was hurrying to make it to Beit El on time for a work shift (The new job and Beit El are the "new stage" for this part of the metablogophor. Please ignore the fact that they are not really "stages" per se. I mean, the world is but a stage, isn't it?).

[Important note: Israel is the only place in the world where Mitsubishi markets a model called the SuperLancer. The SuperLancer is the importer's idea. He bought some tin, made a lot of "Super"s out of it, connected the "Super"s to the "Lancer" on the back of the Lancers, probably added some cheap extras to the car and whammo - there was a new Mitsubishi model, all ready for the marketing. There is a lesson to be learned here. Maybe Tzipi Livni can use it to market Israel? "Visit SuperIsrael!" Hmmm...]

So anyhow, mayhem ensued. My Fiesta - my only property, my shiny steed - is all smashed up. I have had to ride the bus - can you imagine the humiliation!? Me, on a bus?? - for several days, and I am not sure where I'll get the cash to fix my silvery love. However, I hear being a beggar at the Kotel is good business. Someone told me he overheard one Kotel beggar woman saying to another "I only did 400 this morning". That's 400 NIS of course.

Luckily nobody died, including me. I wish this dreary weather would stop already. Ugh! However (get ready, I'm going to go all Jew-loving and optimistic on you), there is nothing like a car crash to tell you where you are living. I found out that if you close your eyes (I hope the traffic court judge isn't a reader of Kumah) and randomly crash your vehicle into another vehicle in Israel, the chances are 100% that you will run into a very good hearted, hard working Russian immigrant, who will not gyp you at all even if you are uninsured and whose diabetic father is being jerked around by National Insurance and whom you can perhaps help by using your connections!

Also, the Arab guy who towed me was very nice, but I am not sure now if that niceness was not simply his very clever way of getting me to pay more than I should have for his services. I must say though, the price he charged, while 50% more than the maximum I should have paid, is not bad for combined 100 km. towing and emergency psychological counseling. The guy could have gotten the same money by being a jerk and making me feel worse than I already did. Instead, he made me feel great, painlessly eased me into the denial phase, forcefully and convincingly insisted I could accomplish my goals (sentences like these are far more convincing coming from a life-living, wild-eyed Arab who isn't just repeating a stock cultural phrase he heard on TV a million times along with a billion other people, and isn't talking to you about "life", but about you and your life) told me I think too much and at the same time told me about his own life - his sister died when he was young because of a dentist's mistake, he and his brother took knives and set out to kill the dentist, their father followed them and told them if they didn't put the knives down he would finish with them, that their sister was gone, that was what G-d wanted, that people make mistakes, and they could only make things worse now... since then he has gone to the dentist to have his teeth treated and the dentist cries whenever he sees him - and this is the end of this sentence and paragraph.

The second embarrassing stage incident involves this interview on Galia Albin's show. Albin is the widow of very rich guy called Micky, who famously committed suicide while in police custody, being interrogated about some fraud/corruption charge, sometime in the 1980s (I believe Albin's suicide is the reason police Tegart forts have metal netting over the courtyards since then. So interrogees don't die if they jump from the third story onto the courtyard).

She was dressed like a working girl and had had something to drink before the show, but she was very sympathetic to me and A., the silhouetted guy who spoke before me, who has not seen his daughters for five years, since they were 10 months old, because of the vicious anti-male slant of this country's divorce laws, welfare establishment and general culture. We had to do a retake midway through the interview but nobody cued me that the tape was rolling again so I was talking to her in the thought that we were doing between-take banter. So when she asks me what help would I like to get for the Familists' legal service for divorcing men, instead of addressing the world and her audience, I am actually seen on TV telling her maybe we can meet after the show and talk about it... oy, the vey. The upside: I was very relaxed.

My lesson from both incidents is clear. However I will not share it with you because the enemy is listening!

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