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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


(I saw someone spell the term that way in a talkback to an Arutz7 article.)

It is becoming clearer and clearer to people in Israel that something is wrong with our kahonies.

Not with our weapons (unlike, say, 1948).

Not with our economy (unlike any previous era in Israel's history).

Not with the world stage - to paraphrase the Muslims, there is no Superpower but the USA and Israel is the USA's Number One Ally (King David would have killed for a world stage like this. Never ever has there been anything like it. It's what we've always wanted!).

Just with one thing that can make or break everything we've been working for for three or four thousand years. Kahonies.

The Left has gone for our kahonies.

Let me remind you what kahonies do in nature. They make you aggressive and territorial. They make you proud. They make you fight. Think about it.

We are back in Bereisheet: Adam, Eve and the snake. The snake is using Eve's weaknesses to rob us of paradise.

Let's bring back kahonies. The rest will come naturally.

PS: there was an interesting TV show last night about sexual harrassment. Limor Livnat and others spoke of unpleasant episodes in which they were harrassed. What made the show different was that the panel was not composed of seven rabid feminist extremists and one bumbling male, but of one male feminist extremist (an advertising guy called Zarmon), one female feminist non-extremist (Orna Angel, an Ehud Barak protege/confidante, married to the Angel bakery family), and Shulamit Aloni on the anti-extremist side, along with Yakov Perry, ex head of the Shabak, who actually came out and said the word "castration."

There was also an interview with some lifeguards who spoke of the hardship of chatting up women - and they weren't made to look like fools, as you would expect. Video could be available soon for viewing on the Kumah uberblog.

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