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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oleh of the Decade: Corporal Avi Bieber

After speaking with Avi's father, Raphael, I came to the conclusion that the decision to make Aliyah from North America in our time is very similar to the decision that faces Israel's soldiers at this point in time.

It is a decision to listen to that voice inside you that is the clarity that results from the ability to look beyond the system and the excuses that are dangled in front of you to give you any number of ways to ignore that which is right, true, but very difficult.

May Avi and his family be strengthened and may we look back on these times with thanks to God for the fact that they spurred us to act in a courageous and extraordinary manner on behalf of truth, justice and the desire to fulfill our charge, which is to perfect the world.

Thank you Avi, for inspiring us and giving us the strength to ignore those who say disaster and surrender is "inevitable."

To read more about Avi, click here and here(now I realize why God created Haaretz).

To see the video footage of his refusal, click here.

To see pictures of the 'Orange Revolution' sweeping the country, click here.


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