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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blogmaster Ezra's Blogtastic Blog Post

So I am going to start blogging more - not waiting for when I have a block of time and something drastic to get off my chest, but whenever I see something I think anyone interested in the Kumah viewpoint would also find interesting. Here goes...

So three planes landed yesterday and another last week. Those hyperlinks are articles I wrote on each event.

In other news - did you know you could watch the nightly news together with the rest of Israel, complete with the subtle insinuation and innuendo that make state-run media to enjoyable? Channel 10 and Channel 1 news are each available. For the real deal try IsraelNationalTV - and don't be bashful about sending them constructive criticism.

For entertainment, click here to see why anti-Semitism probably isn't what is going to bring American Jewry home to Israel (and that is a good thing - Aliyah-by-choice is what will fix all the things that need fixing here).

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