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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Do-Gooder Alert: Comfort Esther Malka

You may recall that some of our cousins who didn't make the cut for Little Mosque on the Prairie recently bashed in the head of a Jewish woman driving her car in Efrat as she was on her way home (if this isn't a legitimate way to express your dewy-eyed dreams of national sovereignty, I don't know what is!!).

Today, my co-host and I did an interview with Nadia Matar of Women in Green, who is organizing on Esther's behalf. (As of this post, the specific link isn't up - check out The Weekend Edition for May 13).

If you will not be able to attend rallies for Esther, or otherwise visit her, you can send her your well-wishes (which, with G-d's help, she'll read if she ever wakes up again, B"H) and even donations - Nadia has agreed to personally deliver all correspondence.

So here's contact info for Esther Malka (Esther bat Zohara):

Esther Malka
c/o Women in Green
P.O.B. 1269
Efrat, ISRAEL 90435

Terror attacks aren't just awful, they're devastating. Even with socialized medicine, medical costs can accumulate, the victim is not longer providing income, and the family decreases its work in order to be there for the victim. This creates a financial drain that is difficult to reverse - your donations, I'm sure, would be welcome.

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