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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Picture is Not Always Worth 1,000 Words...

Take a moment to answer the following question:

When you picture Jerusalem, what is the first thing that comes to mind?


My guess is that whatever image popped into your mind, it wasn't the Tower of David.

All around Jerusalem, one finds the logo shown in the picture above (courtesy of Jonny Stein), commemorating 40 years since the reunification of Jerusalem, during the Six Day War in 1967.

Now, If someone asked me to suggest possible themes for a logo to commemorate 40 years since the liberation of Jerusalem, the Tower of David wouldn't appear anywhere on my list.

The Tower of David was a fortress built be Herod, and later used by the Romans, Crusaders, Muslims... and the list goes on and on - but as far as symbolizing the reunification of Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty after 2,000 years of Exile?

Not quite.

My suggestions:

* The Temple (Beit HaMikdash) - Nothing says Jerusalem quite like the Temple.

* The Kotel - If the Beit HaMikdash is too controversial, this could work (although, nothing says Exile quite like the Kotel - but that's for another post.)

* The Hurva Synagouge - particularly, the single remaining arch - Symbolizing the return of the Jewish People to their ancient holy sites...

My sense is that the Tower of David was selected precisely because, unlike any of the above suggestions, it's not overly Jewish - serving as a symbol that the Jews, Muslims and Christians of Jerusalem can all, equally, dislike.

What a wasted opportunity.

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  • At 8:56 PM , Blogger Levi said...

    for the record... if you hadn't of just pointed it out - i would still have no idea what that thing was supposed to be. This whole time i thought it was an advertisement for a radio station. i have never "studied" the tower of david, but i do pass it almost daily and i can honestly say that it would have never occured to me that that is what it was supposed to be.

  • At 1:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Looks like a rat with teeth; a cat would have been more appropriate.

  • At 9:21 AM , Anonymous Louis said...

    I don't think that the current arch in the Hurva is original. I think that it was rebuilt as a memorial... and BTW, the reconstruction project has already started.


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