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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fatah Gets Hip

What Abu Mazen won't do to make his brand of Jew-killing-while-receiving-training-from-the-Americans-and-money-from-Israel hip.

(Photos: AP's Jihadist stringers)

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  • At 8:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Kumah mascots and the Kumatrix disagree. "What Kumah won't do to make their brand of fringe politics hip."

  • At 8:13 PM , Blogger Pinchas said...

    Perhaps somewhere in that comment Anonymous has a point... if anyone finds it please do share. :)

  • At 8:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Got home?"

    It's just that some of you guys spew so much vitriol. And at the same time you do the things you criticize. I think it's important for someone to show you your hypocrisy. And I don't even get into the depths of it- the superficial is revealing enough.

    There is good in these pages- the shmittah discussion, for example. And the basic aliyah message. But that's gotten lost in your larger fringe ideology. To really get into this website you have to believe that Jews and only Jews belong in Israel and the territories. You demonize the "enemy"- be it Palestinians, Olmert, Livni, the US, conservative Judaism.... This polarization is isolating- you can't have a real dialogue with anyone because we are all the enemy. So what do you accomplish? You become more and more convinced of your own agenda and more removed from the mainstream. And I don't care what you do in a vacuum, but your words and work have impact. I think it's important that someone point out your hypocrisies and let visitors to this site know that your views are far from universal.

  • At 8:41 PM , Blogger Pinchas said...

    I am reading this right? Someone please explain to me how you can compare making blowing up buses to kill innocent women and babies sound hip to making the mitzvah of Aliyah sound hip? Am I missing something?

    Why is it always the anonymous ones?

  • At 8:56 PM , Blogger Ezra said...

    Dear Anon,
    While I don't really understand the repeated allegation of hypocrisy, the decision to widen the scope of Kumah's Neo-Zionist message beyond promoting mass Aliyah for the purposes of this blog was not taken lightly. I certainly understand the danger of all the strongly held positions and sniping providing ear-plug fodder for anyone who is looking for it. But the point of the blog is to provide an honest voice. In this day of media saturation, the only blogs I find worth reading are those with passionate arguments based on strongly held values. There is a huge swamp of timid journalism and self-congratulatory moderate extremists (extreme in their belief in the merit of an idea purely based on its being devoid of ideological bone structure).

    I truly believe that there a Neo-Zionists on the left and would be completely open to having them join the blog as readers, commenters and bloggers - but I do not regret widening the scope of the blog's message to include politics and even individual bloggers' posts picking fights with entire denominations over little things dug up by the amateurs at Ynet (i.e. The Great Mezuza Controversy).

    Lastly, your point about the lack of real dialogue when opponents are considered the enemy is a blogosphere-wide issue. When someone who is but a bunch of pixels attacks your entire worldview, it takes a very secure an confident individual to respond in a loving, yet honest way. Sometimes a good thrashing is truly in order.

    Post-lastly; you wrote: "I think it's important that someone point out your hypocrisies and let visitors to this site know that your views are far from universal."
    I do not believe our views are universal. I believe it rubs you the wrong way to see Jews, with and without kippot, unapologetically saying the things we say. That alone threatens your thought-stopping mechanism of being able to label something "fringe" and dismiss it without letting it roam free in your consciousness alongside other ideas, allowing for the survival of the fittest.

    Thank you for reading. Please keep it up. You are welcome to choose a moniker that gives you just as much anonimity as "anonymous" but allows us to know it is you when you comment and respond. The Kumah community is universal in its openness to dialogue - and I bless our bloggers on this eve of Rosh HaShanah to always type with love and think twice before ripping entire communities of Jews or gerei toshav.

    Shana Tova

    (Discussion continues here: )


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