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Sunday, September 23, 2007

So How Many Seeds Does a Pomegranate Have?

Okay. Sorry I missed posting it two weeks ago but this is too cool.

So it's like this. Everybody knows the age old question "how many seeds does a pomegranate have?" And every little Jewish kid at Rosh Hashanah knows the answer. Exactly 613 - parallel to the number of mitzvos of the Torah. Hmm.

But do they really have 613?

A Columbia University professor (likely for a statistics course) collected data by counting seeds from 206 pomegranates from all over the world. The least number of seeds one had was 165 (an Iranian one...hmm...) and the max number was 1370 (from one grown in the USA).

But the average number of seeds was remarkably exactly 613!

The entire study including all the data can be found here.

Hat Tip: existwhere?

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  • At 5:34 PM , Anonymous Johan said...

    Amazing! It is truly G-d's fruit

  • At 3:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    thanks for ending an argument

    isn' nature wonderful?

  • At 12:20 AM , Blogger sassy117 said...

    We were taught that in Sunday school in the first grade...

    I still remember that day...

    I ♥ pomegranates!


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