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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Put your kids where your mouth is

I think that one of the reasons that this past war was such a failure is because Israels policy makers don't have to take any responsibility for their decisions. The worst that can come out of sometimes criminal policy- is that they may have to step down. Big deal. We see that Olmert and company are involved in shady and crooked dealings, and there is nothing to do about it.

All this is after Sharon burning down Shuls and desecrating Jewish graves- in order to sway the spotlight from his criminal actions involving his kids and some of his friends. Had he not been hospitalized, the worst that would have happened to him is that he would have had to leave office- with all of the millions made. No accountability. The interesting thing is that had he been running a company as a director of some sort, he would have answered to his stockholders in a criminal case, that would have resulted in monetary reparations and maybe even jail time. But when the company is the State of Israel, and the damage done is only mere dead Jews- no one holds him responsible.

I had a casual conversation with Raed- an Arab from Bet Lechem this past Friday, and among other things, he said that the reason that everyone loves Chasan Nasrallah- leader of Hizbullah, is because his Son is a "Shahid"- killed in battle by Israeli soliders. He does what he preaches- and he is willing to pay the price.

Our leaders on the other hand, make full sure that their children are well taken care of- far away from the battle fronts, when they send us suckers out to war without food or water.

I have read some of the bloggers here that do not understand why the Israeli public doesn't change the people in office. They can't. This is no democracy, and there is no reason that Olmert would feel the need to step down.


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Monday, April 23, 2007

The "Nafnaf"

I would like to devote this post to the mitzvah of the day: MANGAL (BBQ).

Israeli's take this mitzvah very seriously. You could even be the most non religious, pig eating, Shabbat chilluling Israeli Jew- but you would never consider missing this great mitzvah.

When the coals are just right, you stack up some nice fresh pieces of meat and "mangal" them. There is really nothing like it...

Israeli's have a special devise called the "nafnaf". The nafnaf is usually a piece of cardboard you use as a fan to ventilate the air around the coals to keep them glowing just enough for the meat to cook. the word nafnaf comes from waving ones hand as if to say hello: "le'noffef". And from the sound you make when you blow air out your mouth: "fuuuuu". It also comes as a verb: "le'nafnef" as in: "don't stop le'nafnef, or the coals will go cold".

Lately I have seen this devise being sold for 30 shekels in the supermarket. It looks modern, nice and clean. But I don't like the new nafnaf, I like the old fashioned one that is dirty and broken. I don't know why, I think it's nostalgia. kind of reminds me of this country- broken and dirty, but keeps the coals alive.

Have a happy mangal day


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Sunday, April 08, 2007

From Neve D. to Sde B.

One beautiful sunny morning, in Sde Boaz, the HaLevi family decided that it was simply a crime to stay indoors. They had persuaded the Brenner family all the way from Neve Daniel (about a two minute drive away) to join them on a short hike, and get to know the outskirts of Sde Boaz. And so- we went on our journey, and Ezra and Miriam turned out to be quite good tour guides.

We said we would meet at the Ma'ayan (spring) next to Sde Boaz. Ezra had explained to us how to get there, but we still got lost and found ourselves wandering around a vineyard. We didn't mind because the view was absolutely amazing! We eventually found our way back with the help of Ezra calling us from beyond the fence.

The cold clean water of the spring felt really good, and we sat around and talked for a little while, but it was really difficult to get Ze'evi, our son, to stop throwing rocks into the spring, so we decided to move on.

As we walked on the dirt road and admired the view we passed a well (or a cistern, I'm not sure), and then our tour guides showed us an ancient mikve full of water, that they and the Neve Daniel youth had excavated.

At the end we were invited to their house and Ezra made the best matzah-brei we have ever tasted!

Thank you Ezra and Miriam- you guys rock!!!!

Here are some photos of our day in the coolest Yishuv ever: Sde Boaz.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ir David- City of The King


On Chol Hamoed, we went to Ir David- located right outside the walls of the old city. They opened up some new excavations that they discovered and it was awesome! They also have a cool 3D movie that rocks. Here are some photos to get your appetite started.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Arabic Language Academy

This is from today's news:

The establishment of an official Academy for the Arabic Language received final approval on Wednesday as the "High Institute for the Arabic Language 2007" bill passed its second and third readings in the Knesset plenum and became law.

"This is the first time an Academy for the Arabic Language is established in a country outside the Arab world..." said Knesset Education Committee Chairman Michael Melchior (Labor-Meimad), who cosponsored the bill with MK Nadia Hilu (Labor).

The new Academy will also coordinate its work with the long-established Academy for the Hebrew Language, contributing to the study of the similarities, differences and connections between the two languages.

How does one say "Get the hell outa my Country" in Arabic?

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Continuation of Yishai's last post

Based on William Wallaces great speech from "Braveheart", I will address my American brothers:

Many years from now, swimming in your pools in Florida and eating Jerusalem II Pizza on Broadway, would you be willing, to trade all the days, from this day 'till that, to come here, make Aliyah, and tell our enemies that we are finally home?

We don't mind Israeli indifference, bureaucracy, underpants (we import Hanes), drivers etc. Because we're home. It is like one who can live with ugly ceramic tiles and a rotting kitchen counter top for years- because it is home, but he will complain that the carpet is stained in a hotel. Leave the swimming pools and the corvettes, come home to outrageous income tax and post offices that are never open. But come home.

As a wise man once said: "Trade your Profits for Prophets".


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Monday, February 12, 2007

Law & Order

Hello there!

This is my first post here, and my absence until now can be excused - my wonderful wife, gave birth last week to my beautiful baby daughter, Liat. (I guess that is better than: my dog ate my post...) Anyway, over the next few months, my goal here will be to bring you up to speed on some of the tough situations here in Israel, that need rectifying. This should not act as a deterrent for you on making Aliyah, but rather explain why your presence here is needed.

Here is a great example of why "Israel needs you, not your sympathy or money." We also don't have much time. The Negev as of now, is overrun by Arab Mafia, threatening and collecting "protection money" from hard working, tax paying citizens. Businesses in Be'er Sheva, pay Bedouin mafia outrageous sums of money every month, or else their work places get vandalized and robbed. Farmers all around are harassed, and many times given beatings if they refuse to pay.

The most famous story is that of Shai Dromi, who came into the limelight after he shot and killed a trespasser who came to rob and vandalize his farm, after he refused to pay his "dues." He was promptly arrested, and has been in Jail for many weeks, awaiting his trial. The Police are either in cahoots, or are just afraid/lazy/not interested (you are not limited to only choose one...). We need people who value Law & Order (not only the TV show), to change the situation here. Now your asking: But what can I (yes, little me) do? A lot. If we could only have volunteers to go down to the various farms in the Negev, and help patrol the lands and protect them against the Arab mafia, we would already be in a better place. We could make a statement, that these farmers will not give into Mafia tactics and thieves. We could help these people provide for their families, without having to pay criminals, or worry about being robbed at night. We could then prove to everyone that it is possible to restore order to these parts, and maybe this way the Police would feel pressure to actually do their job.

So, all we need: Some of you kick-ass Americans, some baseball bats, and some Jewish pride. We want our land back.

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