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Friday, January 16, 2009

Satire: The International Media

Unfortunately, this satire by the Israeli sketch comedy show 'Eretz Nehederet' is not as much of a stretch as some might like to think...

(I found the clip on the Jerusalem Post's blog called 'Must Sees'...

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Zee Talks About Fighting Terror

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

KeyBoard Warrior

My name is Marc. Your station is a big breath of fresh air! I have joined with a growing army of keyboard warriors who are proving that Jiihad is a 2 way street. We are attacking the nasty comments at comment boards of Utube IDF videos, Hamas videos, anti-Israel/Jewish videos plus blogs and everything else online related to negative and/or false comments about Jews and Israel with these exact words knowing that a flood of repetition will have an overwhelming effect and gain media attention. It is time to END THE ILLEGAL ARAB OCCUPATION OF ISRAEL Arabs go away – Arabs go back to Syria We all know that words inflame Islamists but we also know that many good people need to see them in front of their eyes.

It is a fact that the vast majority of Utube viewers will glance at the comments but will seldom add their own. We want them to see ours instead of the Islamists. We have all had horrible comment responses to our Utube etc. postings (in comment areas) but know that it proves the need for keyboard warriors. Silence is defeat and we will no longer be silent! We urge you to tell your listeners to join our effort and send hellos when they run into a posted comment using the phrases above. Two nights ago the comment was posted so many times so quickly by just a few of us that we literally drove 2 or 3 Jihadist supporters off of the Utube comment boards. We tracked their names after reading their disgusting remarks and posted to their personal message boards.

We need more folks to join us or the only comments on pertinent videos will be against Jews and Israel. You’ll find out quickly that they are cowards and you will feel that you have helped in the war for Israel and world Judaism. Just be sure to all nasty comments with the phases – copy and paste it. It makes the idiots madder when you don’t answer back to their ignorant smut. Soon they will back down and disappear from any page with very active comments. One note: Utube will give you a message that you have reached your comment limit or will only show “video comment rather than text and video comment” after posting comments 2 or 3 times but you can continue after going to the bottom of the page and filling in the squiggle letters box and clicking submit. Truly, Marc from Chicago

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Am Yisrael Chai!

So... Fateh, of Yasser Arafat fame, set up a website called and they opened it up to anybody that wants to post a blog. Hmm... well someone posted this blog there called "Am Yisrael Chai" (The Nation of Israel Lives!)

I wonder how long till they figure it out and take it down...

Hat Tip: Aishel

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rebranding Israel: FM Just Doesn’t Get It - Still!

This is not the first time Kumah has written about this.

Last week I attended the Nefesh B’Nefesh First International Jewish Bloggers Convention along with the rest of the Jblog world. One segment of the program featured Zavi Apfelbaum, the Director of Brand Management of the Foreign Ministry. At the time I did not know that she represented the State of Israel. (I didn't read the program, okay?)

(Click the video for a transcript we posted on YouTube.)

Which is why when blogger Moshe Burt (“Israel and the Sin of Expulsion”) began screaming at the top of his lungs “this is a Jewish State!,” though I agreed with him, I thought he was taking the wrong approach. But now that I realize exactly what was going on I think he was exactly right and that might be the only way to keep making the point, as Burt wrote, “until it sinks irrevocably into their consciousness.”

Let’s start at the beginning. The Foreign Ministry spent millions of shekel of taxpayer money to figure out that, guess what, the world thinks Israel is a bunch of thugs and a very cold (not weather-wise), dull, place to live or visit. Well obviously the world has branded us waaay wrong! Apfelbaum, again blaming the victim, claimed it was not the world that did it but we did it to ourselves. Perhaps I’ll grant that as a half-truth but that’s for another discussion.

So once again the Foreign Ministry plans to spend waste millions of shekel “rebranding” Israel.

Akiva, summarized it like this:

The future brand and marketing image of Israel:
1. Tel Aviv Fashion Brands
2. Tel Aviv Modern Dance Troupes
3. Tel Aviv Beach Life
4. Israeli High Technology Developments
5. Tel Aviv Night Life
6. Israeli High Technology Medical Developments
7. Israeli Wine
With the exception of 4 and 6, basically they are trying to brand Israel as Italy, France or Spain.

When will they learn? Israel is a Jewish Country!

Here’s what I wrote a year ago:

Once Israel becomes "a nation like any other" we are thrust onto a world scale we have no right being on. On that scale, Israel appears to be a pretty crummy nation with nothing special at all. Hence the post-Zionists. But if we stay on the scale we are supposed to stay on, the "light-to-the-nations" scale we are untouchable! When we promote G-d, no nation anywhere can come close in terms of history, culture, food, family life, beauty, and spirituality. Indeed we have something no other nation has.
To summarize, Israel already has an excellent – but discarded - brand. The powers-that-be in the government just don’t like it very much. But this brand has been around for over 3,300 years! Let me explain it in simple terms:

New York is to “The Big Apple” as Israel is to “The Holy Land.”

Gee, whiz. Brilliant! Why didn’t anyone ever think of that before? It’s a brand we have and it’s a brand we should use. It’s a brand that will stick because it already sticks, much to the dismay of the government. Basically the country is spending millions because we don’t want people to think of us as holy! Stop pretending to be the Europeans we are not, because the world is not dumb enough the fall for it. Start being yourself, Israel, and good things will happen. In the 60 years since she was founded Israel never got to be herself - not for one day.

And Moshe Burt is right. In terms of Holy we are talking Judaism. No Muslims are going to view Israel more favorable if we tell them Israel is important to them. And the Christians already know the real deal and love the Jewish people for it. Just talk to any Christians you meet. They know the Holy Land is G-d’s gift to the Jews and they are cool with that. Very cool with it.

So here is a small part of Pinchas’s plan for “rebranding” (that’s "re" as in repeating something not as in changing something):



Jewish Tradition

Jewish Children

Holy Things

The problem is the government is working backwards. Instead of displaying the beauty of Judaism and Shabbat for the world, the government does everything it can to destroy our image as a holy nation by doing things like attempting to have buses run on Shabbat. Sometimes the only way to get the message across truly is to yell it, and to yell it again, again, and again!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Torat Yisrael: Israel's Newest English Torah Publication

How often does the truth become distorted in the Israeli media? We live in a society where the major newspapers run stories of how terrorists are not antisemitic (See J-Post and Haaretz about the recent Jerusalem attack) and where companies who refuse to hire Arab workers are lambasted. In response to this trend, a new publication has been put together called Torat Yisrael. Torat Yisrael is Anglo Israel's first bi-weekly magazine of Jewish political and social thought. Based on Torah values, every article is filled with authentic, historical Jewish ideas and concepts. From economics to warfare, education to law, every topic is approached from the perspective of tradition.

Distributed bi-weekly in the main Anglo centers in Israel, Torat Yisrael is a sixteen page color mini-magazine available free in your synagogue. I am the associate editor, Kumah's co-founder Yishai Fleisher is a regular contributor, as well as such notables as the Likud's Shmuel Sackett and Nahal Hareidi founder, Rabbi Yoel Shwartz.

If you are interested in reading Torat Yisrael online, receiving copies, subscribing to the Torat Yisrael mailing list, or advertising to the English-speaking population of Israel, then you can find Torat Yisrael online at or you can reach editor Shmuel Sokol at or by phone at 0526720779. There is also a Torat Yisrael blog that you can check out at

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Kumah's Awards Showcase

This year (2007) Kumah picked up four JIB Awards including 1 gold medal, 2 silvers and an important bronze. We also won other awards in past years so we decided to organize all our awards in one nice clean post... let's call it our awards showcase.

We'd also like to express our gratitude to all the people that volunteered their time and put such a great effort into making these awards competitions such a success. And of course we'd like the thank our loyal readers whose voted for us! Thank you!

And a final note, during the voting we here at Kumah enjoyed learning about so many new blogs that we never heard about before. Many expressed strong neozionist ideas. So we plan on updating our blogroll accordingly. Be sure to keep an eye on it.

*** 2007 Awards ***

Kumah took the GOLD in Best Live Event Coverage for our We Return To Homesh report! Our very first Gold! Yay!

Kumah won a Silver for Best Jewish Religious Post for a post about the Shabbat Candle Ladies of Yerushalayim.

Kumah won a Silver for Best Humor Post! This was for a reader submitted post about Becoming a Real Israeli.

Perhaps one of the most important awards to us, Kumah once again (see 2006) took the Bronze for Best Group Blog!

*** 2006 Awards ***

Kumah won the Bronze Medal for Best Group Blog!

*** 2005 Awards ***

Kumah advances to the finals in five categories, Best Group Blog, Best Jewish Religion Blog, Best Life in Israel Blog, Best Overall Blog, and Best Post but comes up short among fierce competition.

*** 2004 Awards ***

Kumah won the Silver in Best Post By A Jewish Blogger for a post featuring photos from a Nefesh B'Nefesh Aliyah flight called Young and Old KEEP MAKING ALIYAH!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kumah NINE Time JIBs Finalist - Vote Now!

UPDATE 5/15:

We have marked the votes that are extremely close. Like 1 vote close! So please vote for those first if that's all you have time for. Thanks!

It's official. Thanks to our loyal Kumah readership Kumah has gone to the finals in every single category that she was nominated in. What's more? Every single Kumah blogger that was nominated through another blog has also made it to the finals in every category they were nominated for. Looking around at the competition in the finals is humbling because it really is unbelievable company to be in. That said we are clearly the underdog that has already gone further than anyone thought we would. It sends a great message that people are excited about the Aliyah Revolution!

And now even more eyes are on us! So let's send an even greater message!

1.To vote click on a link below. (Repeat this for all links.)
A new window should open. (Or right click and "open in new window.")


3.Close the window and right click on the next link...

Kumah's "Shabbat Candle Ladies" post is in the finals for

Best Jewish Religious Post

And Kumah is in the finals for:

Best Group Blog - VERY CLOSE!

Best Slice of Life in Israel Blog

Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog

Best Designed - VERY CLOSE!

Best Contribution / Blog that Made a Difference - VERY CLOSE!

Best Jewish Humor Post for Becoming a Real Israeli

Kumah also made it to the finals twice (even with "splitting the vote") in:

Best Live Event Coverage Post - "HOMESH" one is VERY CLOSE!
(Vote for either one.)

Kumah Bloggers In the Finals

Malkah's Eyshet Chayil - Best Kosher Food/Recipe Post (listed as "Chayil.")- VERY CLOSE!

Ze'ev's Israel Perspectives - Best Right-Wing Political Blog

Also, my personal blog Point of Pinchas is in the finals for

Best Personal Blog

Best Photo/Graphics Blog - VERY CLOSE!

Best Picture or Video in a Post
This is for photos I took at a Nefesh B'Nefesh (NBN) flight arrival.


Best Series
This is for my "Only in Israel" Series.

As always, there are links to all of these posts on the respective voting pages if you have time to check them out. Polls close on May 16, 10pm US-EDT.

Thanks again for your support!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

JIBs: Kumah Advances, now Round 1 - Part 2

Thanks to everyone's help it looks like every single nomination posted here before has advanced to the finals! (Still waiting for the certified results.) But before the finals start next week there is still part 2 of round 1. More importantly Kumah has been getting more hits and more people are talking about Aliyah. Could we say it's a mitzvah to vote Kumah or would we sound like Shas?

1.To vote click on a link below. (Repeat this for all 4 links.)
A new window should open. (Or right click and "open in new window.")
3.Close the window and right click on the next link...

Kumah's "Shabbat Candle Ladies" post for was nominated for

Best Jewish Religious Post (Group A)

And Kumah got nominated twice for
Best Live Event Coverage Post (Group A)
(Vote for either one.)

Also, my personal blog Point of Pinchas
was nominated for
Best Picture or Video in a Post - Group A
This is for photos I took at a Nefesh B'Nefesh (NBN) flight arrival.


Best Series - Group B
This is for my "Only in Israel" Series.

It looks like we have a great chance at going far. There are links to all of these posts on the respective voting pages if you have time to check them out. Really worth it IMHO...

Thanks again for your support!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

JIBs: Round One Voting Open (Mostly)

So what do these awards matter you ask? Why do we care? Is this third grade? Of course not! If you notice Kumah doesn't even display the awards we already won in previous JIB contests. But as "Aussie Dave," founder of the JIBs explained the purpose of the JIBs is to bring new readers to your blog. To let the world see what's out there and hopefully pick up more loyal readers who will make Aliyah! Or keep on making Aliyah! So there you have it. A vote Kumah is a vote for the Aliyah revolution!

We laid out things real easy for you. The whole thing takes a few seconds.

1.To vote click on a link below.
A new window should open. (Or right click and "open in new window.")
3.Close the window and right click on the next link...

Best Group Blog (Group B)

Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog (Group C)

Best Slice of Life in Israel Blog (Group B)

Best Designed (Group B)

Best Contribution / Blog that Made a Difference (Group C)

Best Jewish Religious Post - Delayed a week
Best Live Event Coverage Post - Delayed a week

Malkah's Eyshet Chayil - Best Kosher Food/Recipe Post - FINALIST!

Ze'ev's Israel Perspectives - Best Right-Wing Political Blog (Group B)

Point of Pinchas -
Best Personal Blog (Group D)

Best Photo/Graphics Blog (Group B)

Best Series - Delayed a week
Best Picture or Video in a Post - Delayed a week

Thanks for your support!

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kumah Nominated For 8 JIBs + 6 more JIBs!!!

The 2007 JIB awards are here and Kumah is very honored to be nominated EIGHT times. Round one voting starts Sunday night (Israel time) so check back here for details on how to vote.

Kumah was nominated for the following awards:

  • Best Group Blog
  • Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog
  • Best Slice of Life in Israel Blog
  • Best Jewish Religious Post
  • Best Humor Post
  • Best Live Event Coverage Post
  • Best Designed
  • Best Contribution / Blog that Made a Difference

Aside from those, Kumah bloggers (blogging elsewhere) were nominated for another 6 awards.

Malkah's Eyshet Chayil was nominated for Best Kosher Food/Recipe Post

Ze'ev's Israel Perspectives was nominated for Best Right-Wing Political Blog

And your's truly's Point of Pinchas was nominated for Best Personal Blog, Best Photo/Graphics Blog, Best Series, and Best Picture or Video in a Post

Congratulations to the whole team on these well deserved nominations and good luck to everyone!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Even Though We Ain't Got Money, I'm so in Love With Milk and Honey

I was looking through the search terms that bring people to or and saw one continuously appearing, month after month.

It was "Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey."

So I plugged that into Google. Lo and behold, we were number (drumroll...) 81.

81? Why would people searching for that song lyric click on the 81st link that came up? I still don't have the answer to that (maybe it was number 3 until recently) but I can tell you what post came up that used the lyrics. It was not even a Kumah blogger, but Laya, a member of the Jewlicious blog, whose post was reprinted here by Yishai.

Now Jewlicious has traditionally gotten a bit hysterical when it comes to Kumah, though Michael actually composed a Weird-Al style song for us at one point. Laya's post, however, is a Neo-Zionist ode to Aliyah that is one of the most sincere I have ever seen. It made my Shabbat to read it:

Some of the reasons I love living in Israel

Why did I come to Israel? I get asked this a lot. By Israelis who live here with me, and Americans who don't. Both, I suspect hoping for a glimmer of inspiration in my answer. Why would I leave everything I had going for me in The Land of Plenty and move to a perceived war zone?

Initially I came at the height of the intifada, with a newfound Zionism, grand ideas and dreamer's visions. I came to be with my people in their time of sorrow, with lofty ambitions of heroism. Since that time, all I can say is I've been humbled and I've grown-up.

But why do I stay?

It's as simple as this - because Love makes you do crazy things.

Sometimes I walk down the streets of Jerusalem singing love songs to it (even though we aint got money, I'm so in love with you honey?). Being in Love with Israel is like being in Love with a person; it defies all reason and logic. At some point the initial Zionistic honeymoon ends, times get tough and you go broke. Sometimes you might turn cynical and forget what you came here for. In terrifying, fleeting moments I have even considered going back to the land of hard wood floors, bank statements in English, and drip coffee.

Click here for the rest

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Unity is a Warm Gun. The First Shot Has Been Fired.


Ever heard of it?

It's like this: You see something that needs fixing. You have some choices:

1. Complain about it and walk away
2. Claim the entire endeavor was either a mistake or the work of the devil from the very start (post-Zionism, Neturei Karta)
3. Realize that you, as one who sees the problem, are now charged with doing something to fix it. If you believe we humans were given the power to destroy, believe that we have the power to rectify.

We Jews are a people of extremes. Our 'moderates' are the most extreme of all - so fervently clinging to their moderation that they don't dare analyze new facts as they come to light, for fear of becoming part of 'the problem' (which, of course, is extremists on all sides. Duh.).

But back to Neo-Zionism. The new, reloaded Kumah mega-blog is a place where complaints and critiques of every aspect of the Jewish State and the Jewish Project will be heard (alongside all the good stuff that the Kumah blog has always provided), but with the starting assumption is that these things can and will be fixed.

Those who have converged upon Zion - particularly from the comfortable North American corner - are an opinionated and passionate bunch. Things will get heated. There are no allies in this corner of the Blogosphere. We are looking to stir things up and shake everyone out of the boxes that exist even in the roomy expanse of the Internet.

If a think-tank like the Shalem Center (parent of Blogs of Zion) touts itself as a new voice for the Land of Israel-loyal Jewish Nation and then shut its eyes during the Disengagement, making no mention of it on their web sites or journals, we will point such a thing out and ask whether it had anything to do with its cosmetics magnate-sponsor's politics.

If a certain super-lefty mega-blog is the only other voice clearly opposing the Partition Wall - we will join forces with them, even as they happily cheer the death of Zionism - because the passion of the leftist Jewish radical is so much closer to the Biblical revolutionary than the comfortable moderate who supported Oslo, Wye, Oslo II, the Disengagement (or maybe he opposed, but felt that 'a government decision simply must be respected') and is filled with hope by Bibi's second coming.

If a delicious Jewblog embraces the sheer delight of being in 'the middle' on every issue, we will be there alongside them providing them the opportunity to take a stand ,in their snarkiest finery.

Most of all, we will remind Jews that talking about unity is useless. Our unity is in our realization that we as a people have always been tribalized. There were always tribes with different super-powers from one another. One tribe may be better at noticing the injustice while a little weak in sticking up for our peoples’ rights, another may excel at reaching out to the eternal Jewish party animal and turning him or her on, while yet another may fulfill the Jewish addiction to rationalizing inaction in the name of some lofty intellectual concept - but the unity everyone talks of only happens when those tribes duke it out with words, while managing not to hate each other and get nasty.

It isn't easy, but it is going to happen. Here, and in a blog near you thanks to our long Elders of Zion tentacles.

Speaking of which - here is a music video from Reb Shmuel Skaist, who attended and performed at the Canaan Conference, back in the day.


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